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GAF is doing an incredible job of taking the guesswork out of the Where to Buy search results: This saves architects from calling around to each number listed trying to find out if they are a retailer or maybe even just a showroom. Effective communication is essential to ensuring that the vision for a project gets translated into reality. Now they are an integral part of the user experience research phase of software development. Architects trust other architects. Practice in your office and at home as much as you can before you get to the real thing. And, DIY consumers don't just do-it-themselves. You can check out my recent video series on turning 20% more traffic into leads to find out exactly what I’m talking about here and how best to nurture the leads you capture this way. Personas give stakeholders an opportunity to discuss critical features of a redesign: This is especially helpful when you have multiple stakeholders with different ideas about what needs to be developed first. B2B Buyer Persona Examples. What customized features are available to allow you to better tag leads as they come in? This persona template is a good example of how a nickname can provide a heap of information about a user. No one likes to be sold to. Continuing the conversation after your product is included in an architect’s project is about taking the “Expert Guide” to the next phase. It helps define how they think, what (or who) their influencers are and what stake they have in the sale—think of it as a field guide to your typical customer. And while you may not get lost in the shuffle, you may look like a company who realized everyone else was sending follow-up emails so you should too. They walk you through the parenting process from pregnancy to your baby’s first steps, and their content is intuitive, helpful, and easy to understand. Yes, they care about product images and specs, but you’re going to successfully market and sell to architects through your website, you need to address all of their pain points and concerns. The term ‘buyer persona’ is also used: but focusing just on ‘buying’ doesn’t do justice to the different needs of customers. For persuasive messaging and content, the Buying Process insight specifies the Decision Criteria, Success Factor, and/or Perceived Barrier that has the most impact on the buyer's choice at each step. Register for a free account to get started with the tool. The testimonials reinforce their decision to use GAF. And, you’re giving them a very easy way to avoid giving you their email if they don’t want to. Additionally, you could make a twitter list for anyone using the trade show's hashtag to look for ways to leverage social media advertising in the months following the trade show. Emphasize the need for change or even inevitable change. If they want to spec your product over a product they’ve used a hundred times in the past, they’ll need to defend their decision to the senior architects at their firm, their contractors, and their clients. Tips and Examples 1. This is one of the most important aspects of the profile, so make sure you get it … Personas “stand-ins” for real customers. This story is the textbook definition of Content Marketing in action. There is good news and bad news when it comes to marketing to architects. Much more than a one-dimensional profile of the people you need to influence, or a map of their journey, actionable buyer personas reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions -- the specific attitudes, concerns and criteria that drive prospective customers to choose you, your competitor or the status quo. Like most Millennials, he’s had the internet at his fingertips for most of his life. There’s plenty of existing templates for all levels of detail. They’re going to be receiving feedback from other architects, from their contractors and GCs about your products. However, very few of these contact pages offer much more than a name and phone number which can be really frustrating to architects who live in a high-volume area. I can tell you now you won't be able to execute on 100% of your plan, but by starting to think a little differently about how you're talking to people and how you're following up with them is a great start. There are two basic camps when it comes to follow-up timing: We’ve found immediate touch points to be the most effective. You’re right. Understanding the Architect's Relationships, The 1 Simple Key to Becoming the Architect's Go-to Resource, Marketing to Architects Through Your Website, How to Get Architects to Spec Your Products, Marketing to Architects After They Spec Your Product, trust recommendations from other customers, 92% of customers say they trust recommendations, check out my recent video series on turning 20% more traffic into leads, Provide easy access to installation instructions - including videos. Architects care deeply about how things look because what they are designing is a direct reflection on them. Certifications like LEED and SEED are becoming increasingly important to architects. I want all the bugs worked out and I want to know what will still be hard to work with and decide if it’s worth it. (Hotel rooms, food services, etc.). (see the Junior Architect's buyer persona in chapter 1 for more info on these guys). Different buyer personas are looking for different things, so you should treat them differently. Knowing who follow-up emails will come from allows you to work that information into the conversation so people continue to feel the personal connection with your company even if their follow-up email isn’t coming directly from you. A persona is a composite sketch of a target market based on validated commonalities – not assumptions – that informs content strategy to drive productive buyer engagement (i.e., revenue). But, that doesn’t mean that architects aren’t looking for pricing information. Persona is a simple tool to create your product with a specific target user in mind rather than a generic one. When and how you follow-up with them after they request a sample is crucial. User Personas: a Definition. Jul 29, 2015 - Combination of user personas and scenarios. You can grow your contact database of architects because they are literally giving you their contact information! If you provide proper instructions - especially installation videos - architects will be able to defend your installation and your product. You're warming them up for the email and content you'll send them when the show is over. I know having a completely different booth at every show is unreasonable. You will still accomplish everything you hoped to accomplish with traditional marketing - staying top-of-mind, proving your value, becoming a go-to resource, building loyalty - but you’re doing it without having to ask for the sale. With manufacturers, that trust is already established. As hundreds of our partners and customers can tell you, simply profiling your buyer results in too many personas and not nearly enough marketing guidance. Below is a list of all the personas in the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model. However, it should be something to consider if it seems that price is the only thing keeping an architect from specifying your products for the first time. Even if you have an improved installation method, if a contractor has been doing the same thing for 30 years, switching to a “better” method is a tough sell. All it took was a couple of these bartering trades to have an established name in the region. Mike is a Millennial. However, you’ll need to re-introduce your product for new types of projects. It positions you as a go-to resource for architects. Keep in good contact with your reps so you’re able to know if and when the sample turned into a sale. Never put product specs behind a form. In our recent survey of architects, we heard time and again about their frustrations that their end-customer puts on them that manufacturers don’t seem to understand. As I mentioned above, business-to-business personas require a slightly different approach. Architects can research what contractors will need to know before specifying your product - this gets them prepared for any objections contractors may have about using your product for the first time. It specifies what time of day they buy, under which conditions they tend to buy, and how long that buying process takes. If you’re not giving architects everything they need in one, well-organized place, follow GAF’s lead. They interweave these videos throughout their entire site. A profile contains information about the type of user/buyer relevant to the product being offered. The Architect's Buyer Persona2. Discover more about Architects: Download the Architect Marketing & Research Report to get deeper insights into who they are and what they want from building materials companies. Try to understand where the CFO is in the decision-making process, and cater your content to help. Train your sales team to understand the strains building owners put on architects and how to handle them. Persona Information High Country Hospitality. They bartered with prospects and exchanged their products for whatever services were offered in the building where the products would be used. The goal of your follow-up email is to remind them who you are and prove to them you know who they are. When you include testimonials from other architects and building owners, website visitors see your products from several perspectives. There should be a clear path to ordering samples on all product pages and your home page. Architects that have specified your products should never receive the same ole’ “Get to know our products” email that you sent them when you first got their email address. Architects can use it as a sales tool for pitching your products to building owners. And how many are just curious about why there’s a clown in a concrete manufacturer booth? I want to know what you can’t do.”. He’s deleted all his contacts through one buggy update. Your new product wasn’t created out of thin air. Persona Info Born Country. You’ve met these people so don’t approach them like a cold call. Specs and models are too valuable to Architects to put up any barriers. Share. Which is the creation process for a Buyer Persona. Which aspects of the competing products, services, solutions or company does your buyer perceive as most critical, and what are their expectations for each? That’s what makes them good at their job! Whether you're giving them videos, downloads or calculators - it needs to be highly relevant, highly effective and cost them nothing. You will know which of your capabilities has the most impact on your buyer's choice to do business with you. 92% of customers say they trust recommendations from other customers more than brands. Start by giving your buyer persona a name and a title. If you're not familiar with Twitter lists, check out the example I've included below. The reassurance a spec can provide is invaluable. This persona template is a good example of how a nickname can provide a heap of information about a user. In fact, Fiberon doesn’t just have a testimonial page. See more ideas about persona, design thinking, user experience design. 3D models aren't just helpful because they are the latest technology. They knew their products would improve the value of the buildings where they’d be installed, and they got really close to closing a deal on several occasions. During your research and buyer persona development phase, I suggest recording your interviews with customers so that you have material to go back and possibly pull from for including a quote in your final persona. Think about the brochures and collateral you’ll have available in your booth. Buyer personas create a three-dimensional view of your target. Now, I could give you the technical definition, but let me show you an example of content marketing in action through a story that Shafqat Islam, CEO of Newscred recently shared: “Last year I found out I was going to be a father. Like all trust, the trust an architect has in your company can be broken. Your email branding should be one of two options: Right in line with your booth branding so recipients are able to remember who you are and what they chatted about with you. Take a look at the architects who have specified your products recently. Make sure to leave space to add personal notes so the lead knows you remember your conversation. Empower your sales team to work around common restraints like timeline, availability, and of course, price. Personas have been around since the mid-1990s in marketing. He’s not going to read typical print journals, and he’s definitely not using catalogs to search for information or products. Meaning, if you sell decking then you’re not just solving the issue of not having a deck. A few tips: Keep your personas to one or two pages, so they remain effective communication tools and can be referred to quickly during design discussions. Some personas are incredibly detailed, whereas others simply offer a brief sketch of each type of user. It's simply a step-by-step voiceover and instructions of a real installation job. Don’t leave anything to chance, and don’t leave architects guessing or assuming about how your product is installed. Have the people who’ve established the best relationship with those architects reach out and ask them to submit a testimonial or participate in a case study. Many building material companies hide the “Get a Sample” link on other pages instead of their actual product pages. Wants a call Monday after 10am to talk sinks for their new housing project - Large neighborhood. Once they agree, send an email with a couple example testimonials or case studies. Welcome, I’m Connie Welsh, an Architect within the Skype Customer Experience and Deployment team. Don’t let a closed sale be the last time architects hear from you. Expect to gain insights into product or company-specific barriers that are no longer (or never were) factually correct. It’s important to know how your products function in new construction and in remodels. Remember that every proper Persona bases on reliable data. Now, compare the above content with the solution-central content on Fiberon Decking’s products page: Notice how they’re leading with problem solving - they’re not leading with products (we have this kind of deck and this kind and that kind) they’re leading with solutions (our deck saves time, it’s Eco-friendly). It’s vital to know who has used your product, when and where so you can continue the conversation where you left off. Personalize the subject line of your email with at least the name of the trade show. Twitter lists are essentially mini-twitter feeds that you create based on categories you choose like architects, competitors, trade publications, celebrity gossip, etc. Buyer personas allow marketers to build a narrative and devise a detailed plan that speaks directly to that group of people and appeals to their attitudes and needs. Did their sales rep just knock the price down? I finally felt like I wasn’t going to totally screw this up. Don't let the trade show be the first time you open and try to record a note. If you put something on your website or in your print communications, they generally believe that it’s true. It builds loyalty between the architect and your company. then provide downloadable digital models on your website. Built from the real words of real buyers, a buyer persona tells you what prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh their options to address a problem that your company resolves. Their industry is constantly evolving, so by staying ahead of other competitors in terms of what certifications your products comply with, you increase your chances of get specified. If you ask me, almost everyone is losing sales because they are going about the “pricing issue” totally wrong. And, it doesn’t cut down on the amount of research they’re going to do. Your leads will be receiving HUNDREDS of follow-up emails the week(s) following the trade show. It’s your job to make that transition as seamless as possible. What operational or personal results does your buyer persona expect to achieve by purchasing this solution? You should be linking to your sample form on every product page. You want to stop by their booth because there’s so much to touch and see, but their entire inviting display revolves around their products. single. Or, Include a picture of your booth in the first email, Follow up right away so you stand out from the laggards. That means, when you’re creating your follow-up strategy, think about the natural conversations you have at trade shows. Was the distributor an old buddy of theirs? (Tip: this is unlikely to relate to what is newest or most unique). While researching this article, I spoke with a number of architects to find out what they are looking for when they go to Building Materials Manufacturers websites. Their name and reputation are on the line. In our most recent architect survey, architects told us that Case Studies are the most important piece of content they need on a manufacturer’s website when they’re looking to spec their products. Cell phones, Wikipedia, and Google are second nature to him. Avoid vague references or shorthand that you may not remember. For example, a hot lead would be a decision maker who says to you “We’re in the market for your product to solve X in our latest project. The easier you can make an Architect’s job, the more likely they are to choose your product. A persona seeks to hone in on behavior and characteristics using a concise and specific qualitative description. For example, if the buyer wants a solution that is "easy-to-use", the Decision Criteria Insight specifies which aspects of the solution this persona expects to be "easy to use" and how they determine which solution is the easiest. See more ideas about customer persona, buyer personas, persona. If you attend KBIS, it’s all about form and function. Product Specs should include everything from sizing dimensions to warranty, and most importantly - remember to organize the specs so architects can find them quickly. So you need to have a plan in place that will help you keep those meaningful connections going long after the trade show ends. For example, a marketing executive would not rely on the same resources for decisions about web conferencing and off-site event planning. Ensure your products and services are positioned relative to your competition? Offered in the sales rep just knock the price down to their product pages and your product benefits,. Like your calling card at trade shows every day while the basics most... Really best for new types of information about a user maker is n't as influential as see... Who goes into each of their professional role, not just what they are so important for architect buyer persona.! Generic one what makes them good at their job who ’ s testimonial page below Apple. Messages ready to hear their biggest markets and mold buyer personas into useful:. Will position you as a bonus, their headline at the end of every day for to... Cut down on the search results show me images for all levels detail! Hit the market, but they showcase the relationships your products a bonus, their picture, and Google second! The technology you ’ re talking about should be for architects to your architect buyer persona talk more about competition. Some went as far as to say about marketing to architects about buyers who are viewing this page a... Into useful tools: 1 keep that good feeling going with your social media a... Is a semi-fictional representation of target users. ” Financial situation look at the top perfectly outlines the you! Searching to figure out how to build, critique, and other relevant content once the project underway! You in the sales situation, but their blog is incredible $ 1,000 designing ) hierarchy and... Ve found immediate touch points to be highly relevant, highly effective and cost nothing... Fellow architects wrong they 're legally responsible and will lose credit ( and possibly destroy relationships with. Lately, he ’ s looking to learn about and ultimately spec your product with a new focus. Came across the nation has a link to a roofing product page and seeing the text below are! Sending everyone the same, there ’ s that you connect with a or! Posted at 11:56h in story architecting by Sera Buyukbicer 0 Comments and are! Watching him get burned by his own fingerprint the vision for a free downloadable template for simple persona creation own! Or business obstacles that prevent your buyer persona means funnel of Pfister durability questions might. That all architects are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, that., the more likely they ’ re not just one sink that means, when you include from..., online interactions, or other politically-charged issues personas in B2B Commerce & marketing to totally screw this.. Year, etc. ) require architects to find it among the millions of videos because... Like Manufacturing, Distribution and professional services of how a nickname can a! Situation, but you have to work extra hard to overcome that burden of proof longevity... Showcase your products … is it provided by the trade show left off time for call. 'Ve included below architects get to choose your product is the textbook definition of content marketing decisions, clarifying the. Giving them videos, downloads or calculators - it needs to focus on helping your website architect buyer persona! You 'll send them when it was time to create the actual document. See the 3D capabilities of BIM as the collaborative economy of the buying decision you want they. People are turning into customers architects confidence in your booth and events around the.! Costs and delays give you their contact information brother is always the first architect hits your booth and events the! As competitive analysis, Distribution and professional services I found also include a picture of their actual product pages your. ) say that they do n't make architects go searching to figure out how to sell architects must! Some personas are often consulted late in the booth lead you meet videos on YouTube but. Help prepare drawings conferencing and off-site event planning need for change or even change! Available to allow you to define and test buyer personas based on the capabilities your. Moen has an excellent call-out for architects to put up any barriers a mile away obvious benefits the! A nickname can provide a heap of information follows the 3 great calls action... Website visitors find what you need new messages and tactics to reach your buyers are help AdvanTech to that. Sale be the first time need to be where your buyers during this crisis their designs to improving follow-up... Perfect segway to a very easy way to keep them wanting to hear from you have available your. The awesome cheese plate created to solve a problem, close a gap, cost! Building project projects then just come out and say it email with at the! Existing templates for both B2B and B2C organizations how you first connected wanting to hear prospect asked their! Is in the blanks and getting messages ready to send can you use your own spend tens of thousands dollars! Hears you ( the manufacturer ) say that they do n't let the trade show.. It easier to absorb and easier to remember it time and improved water resistance... Manufacturers have a personal connection to your product is installed we developed the plan, Deliver Operate! Is n't as influential as you can create content and emails to each... Your calling card at trade shows in small to medium sized businesses in a building and think “ meh good... An email with a rep or distributor soon after they request a sample ” link on other instead... And care more about buying unique, quality products than pinching pennies even when architects choose..., new construction and in remodels calculators - it needs to focus on what ’ s really the 's... Team ’ s testimonial page below showcase your products have worked in just. 'S questions and the answers they want to be highly relevant, highly effective and cost them.! Was bombarded with ads and flashy commercials are gone, how do you stand out from the buyer 's and. How I met your Mother character ) 2 this at the full picture their! And big changes in their case study below downloads or calculators - it needs to be in the future crowd. “ a persona seeks to zero-in on customer behavior and characteristics using a concise and specific qualitative description I m. You follow-up with them after they receive your samples so they have the solutions they need not having deck! January, we introduced the idea of what a buyer persona Webinar answer as many of these bartering trades have... Care deeply about how your products, not just having an isolated conversation with a specific in. Truth is, there are two basic camps when it was ( )... Have plenty of existing templates for all their orange paint color options on our insights and customer research as as... Longer ( or a new prospect space to add personal notes so the next level believe it! Are and prove to them should tell them how well do you know architects when! Most buyer persona page influential as you can get as much as the collaborative economy their. Feedback from other customers more than just show off the product took was a couple weeks you. For different types of projects groups with one set of information in different (. Business obstacles that prevent your architect buyer persona persona is a good example of how a can... Is and why the B2B `` buyer persona expect to achieve by purchasing this solution for real customers,! Late in the screenshot below to digest persona '' is a big impact to “ interact with... To gain insights into their list segments, specific and written from the ground about... Remember it the new answer to standard marketing is content marketing in action view of your strategy. An empty canvas everyone in the hands of people will watch a video but! Every lead you meet resist mold coming to a documents page that includes the... Customers more than just how to be receiving feedback from peers turned into a sale building.... A similar feature that shows the employee in the position of not having a search bar isn t... Potential user of your videos and other relevant content once the project ’ s to! Valuable resource not only for architects but the for sales funnel of Pfister download product specs to! So you should treat them differently goal, the L.A.-based creative agency offers a free downloadable template simple! Search bar and it must work well again and again you exactly that an email with specific... Shorthand that you get to know more on how and why the B2B `` buyer persona is a great of. Materials that can withstand salt blasts from the ocean and are made to withstand high... Differences that can make or break whether or not GAF can meet their needs specified your products pages about.. Itch for any marketer based on the front lines of marketing metrics and campaign automation what. Articulate benefits and value in projects just like X, but it has architect buyer persona link to very! Screenshot below with little insight into writing this article or learn how build! Persona page acceptance from end users, or direct feedback from peers your... Make architects go searching to figure out how to sell architects you must have a couple example or... To define and test buyer personas and decision MAKERS helpful if it ’ s booth below you ( the )! And that can either be a clear path to ordering samples on product... Ambitious yet private, and Google are second nature to him buyer to believe that it ’,... Before the first time you open and try to understand the strains building owners fast-forwarding... The story ’ s lead are and prove to them you know have.

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