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Dirt getting inside, hard to clean --> But it's way closed, the gap is not visible to see. Position one tile on the center of the fireplace surround, above the support ledge, and work your way to the far edges and to the top of the fireplace. How can I rehabilitate the grout in my tile floor? What’s a girl to do? And then got busy grouting the tile. Let the grout dry overnight. It’s a good idea to bring samples to help match the color of the grout to see which of them would best suit the tile and surrounding decor. 4.5 out of 5 stars 562. PLEASE PIN THIS AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Selecting Grout for Your Fireplace Tile Repair. Just a plan in my head. Can you waterproof Luxury Vinyl Tile floors without grout? I did some research and people said two things about grout: Tiles can move --> But it's a fireplace hearth only 70x10x10 and we won't even turn on the fire. Grout needs to be mixed to spec, not "very liquid", or you'll end up with fragile mush. Beware of painted brick. Jan 21, 2014 - Explore Eva Priddy Lewis's board "fireplace/tile grout", followed by 192 people on Pinterest. I don't know what you're saying in point 2. Please advise. In a shower, that dirt and debris is skin cells and soap. If you don't want grout, don't use grout. Let's talk about grout size options. Being the eighth owners of the home, it was hard to tell whether there was something there from every previous owner, "... but we gathered it all, placed it in a tin, added our own piece, and placed it back inside the mantle as a time capsule for future owners to find in decades to come. Painting Tile On Fireplace With Chalk Paint. Site Supervision Will I regret doing this without grout? The best thing to do is use the smallest grout line your particular tile will allow and get a grout that closely matches the tile. Grab a ½” Professional Stencil Brush and dip it into a little bit of your grout line color paint. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "fireplace grout" Amazon's Choice for fireplace grout. Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! Plumbing fixture selections Make sure not to take too much grout out of your edges. Move the float across the tile at different angles to ensure that all the gaps are filled. The tiles are sticky and normally can just be pressed to the surface, but since I was also using them vertically and on the top of the fireplace box, I used Gorilla Glue clear adhesive on the backs of all the tiles so that they would stay in place. You may remember that earlier this year, Karen won both the regional Sub-Zero Design Contest and the National Kitchen & Bath Association's medium kitchen of the year. Learn step by step how to add porcelain tile to your fireplace surround and hearth for a beautiful new look. You need at least a minimal void to accept the material and ensure a good bond. Cabinetry layout Photo by Carolyn BatesInspiration for a mid-sized contemporary master slate tile and black tile light wood floor bathroom remodel in BurlingtonI like the black and white contrast - webuser_660347205, Photo by Brian KellyInspiration for a small contemporary 3/4 white tile and subway tile porcelain tile alcove shower remodel in Los Angeles with white walls and a pedestal sinkDark grout on white subway with dark penny tile - cam2001, Photography by VHTFamily room - transitional family room idea in Minneapolis with gray wallsShows what a white tile would look like. It only takes a minute to sign up. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. If you are re-doing a fireplace you can learn to set the tile and do the grout yourself. Finished grout lines will vary from 1/16" to 3/16". As with many renovations, there were some surprises along the way. Thanks for the confirmation on #1. DIY Painted and Stencilled Tile on Fireplace. I'm pretty proud of how the fireplace tile came out! Tap the chisel with the hammer. The thinset covered the thick grout lines of the brick and I tried to get it as flat as possible. Dampen a grout sponge and wipe the tiles in a circular motion to clean off the excess. It takes up a lot of time, and it requires meticulous work. Use heat-resistant epoxy (up to 400 degrees F) when tiling over wood; use heat-resistant cement-based mortars on masonry surfaces. My most recent plan involved tiling over it with cement tile. We were cautious for two reasons. details, materials & features Hi, my mosaic tiles are going on the inside and outside trim of the window. The first published picture of the Mandelbrot set. Note that using the smallest grout … Laying fireplace tile can be a simple 2-weekend project that quickly upgrades your home so learn about fireplace tiles and basic installation techniques. This is more or less a matter of opinion, but many floors of many types have been installed over the years without grout. I'm afraid that even if I tape the edges and am super careful, it's probably impossible to avoid getting any stain on the grout line where the wood/tile … Furniture, accessories, art There are as many grout choices as there are fireplace tiles. Effortless Style Interiors Camila from Effortless Style Interiors gave her dated fireplace hearth a 21 Century makeover using white tile. Sue Walter, subeeskitchen.comi like the tile with the white grout. Tile installed without grout is a weaker installation and will have small voids that will fill up with dirt and debris. Ending up with a completely re-tiled hearth and fireplace surround (in white marble, no less) feels like such an upgrade for only around seven hours of work (total), and the budget wasn’t nearly as scary as “marble tile” sounds. Lighting design, fixture selections & controls specifications I taped off the areas around the tiles with thick painters tape. We are installing a wood mantle over our fireplace and are going to put in 4x4 stone (travertine or the like) tiles as facing material. Include decorative inserts and accent tile. I used a pre-mixed grout color called Haystack. The American National Standards for Ceramic Tile Installation recommends that anyone looking to install the tiles without grout joints purchase tiles that have been rectified to 0.0025 inches in variance or less; since larger variances would demand at least a small grout joint. All other misc. -We removed the floor tile with a sledge hammer. Electrical for built-ins and fireplace insert. For the size of the tiles you are using, the minimum grout line width for the 12" wall tile is generally 1/16" and for the 24" floor tile 1/8". After making over our living room I didn’t have much of a budget left over for the fireplace and really just wanted to keep it very simple and clean. Narrow spaces produce less-prominent joints. 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,072. Wedge the chisel into the area where the grout was scrapped away for leverage. How to Paint and Stencil Fireplace Tile. So it's less likely the concrete expanding itself from inside out to cause cracking. It’s technically grout, but it so closely matched the stone that you can’t see any difference. I ended up returning the saw right at the end of the day, and then let the tile set undisturbed overnight. The tile work just doesn't have any Grout so looks like they just place the tile and never grounded. A wood mantle is not necessarily a ‘good’ mantle. Grout … site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. You never want tiles in direct contact with one another. There are also state and local building codes so check codes in your area before making any final decisions. I mixed the grout, applied using a trowel (hint or my hand), let sit for ~20 minutes and wipe off with a large damp sponge. Place the FREE grout line stencil that comes with your tile stencil over the thin lines in between your stenciled tile. Something like this (picture shown tiles fitting closed to each other - Not fireplace specific): Obviously I have never done tile without grout before. Client has a love of spa and modern style.. Re-worked spaces for better function, flow and open concept plan. The grout is dark to medium gray and we prefer light gray which we think would look better as our decor is mauve, cream, and light gray. Afterward, she spiced up the Moroccan-inspired mosaic with a few licks of colorful sealer called Grout Shield. It's not a valid concern. Place your chisel around the back of each tile at about a 45-degree angle. How can a barren island state comprised of morons maintain positive GDP for decades? The TCNA recommends a minimum 1/8" grout joint for rectified tile. Regarding your point #1, grout isn't structural in the sense that it prevents movement. But we have two gas fireplace inserts in our house that were just begging for some tile surround. Tutorial on how to cover up the existing hearth and how to tile over tile using pebble stone tiles and grout. Can aileron differential eliminate adverse yaw? This is one thing that has bothered me since we moved in. Rutland Fireplace Mortar Cartridge, 10.3-Ounce, Gray - 63G. 978.500.1096.white cabinets, accented island and engineered wood floor - kevin_hawley80, Bathroom - transitional subway tile bathroom idea in ChicagoDark frame gray tile dar floor? I don't know what you're saying in point 2. Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water. rev 2021.1.14.38315, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Home Improvement Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. To grout the art tiles, load the mix into a grout bag and squeeze it into the joints. Wipe with water and allow to air dry. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. Pro tip: If your fireplace is surrounded by carpet, gently press the carpet away from tile and cover Grout residue can quickly harden onto the tile, making it difficult to remove without damage. How to Lay Travertine or Marble Tile Without Grouting ... Set the next piece of tile adjacent to the first piece, being sure to repeat steps 2 and 3 for every marble or travertine tile you install. ... Grout Pen Grey - Ideal to Restore the Look of Tile Grout Lines. Let the grout dry for 30 to 60 minutes or until firm to the touch. To get these tiles to match up perfectly, I placed the factory edges of the tiles together and kept the cut edges on the outside. without support under the tiles (thinset) your tiles will crack, without edge support (grout) your tiles will … Overall pallette was inspired by the client's existing sofa and side chairs. New space has more than 12 times as much exterior glass to flood the space in natural light (all glass is frosted for privacy). I got everything from the place I got the tiles. A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. Let the grout … What does the expression "go to the vet's" mean? Spread the grout over the surface of the tile with a grout float held at a 45 degree angle. If you tile over a painted fireplace, you’ll be rolling the dice. 10 Stylish Tile Options for Your Fireplace Surround HGTV heads to the Ann Sacks showroom at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center to check out classic and cutting-edge fireplace surround tile options, from interlocking wood to hand-painted terra cotta. In the ideal world, we would ALL start from scratch – but scratch can cost serious money. Grout the Art Tile Photo by Kolin Smith. That's assuming the tiles are indeed "perfect" in size; literally zero variation in size and all perfectly rectangular. We also have a lot of black metal exposed around the brass-trimmed glass doors, between the fireplace opening and where the rock starts. Why are diamond shapes forming from these evenly-spaced lines? Are you game? Grout application may be tedious, but it protects against cracking, uneven tiling, and the collection of debris between tiles. First, there was metal trim between the black fireplace and the tile grout. Your mortar and a sound substructure do that. Mounting on Brick. Fireplace Refinishing saves up to … - kellehernc, Trendy gray tile and mosaic tile shower bench photo in New York with a nicheHi there, the light is actually from Zaneen - its called a Utah i believe, and yes it is fluorescent. Do this with the rest of the tiles until all of the tiles have been detached from the fireplace. These 25 ideas will inspire you to create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year-round. Then mark all tile and grout joint measurements on a long wooden dowel rod. Master bathroom cramped with unusual floor plan and outdated finishes Painted Tile With A Graphic Design. Color palette inconsistent to the rest of the house Step 4. If dirt can get in, I could be proactive and pour very liquid non-sanded grout to fill up whatever gap. Fireplace Tile Installation Complete! Spread the grout over the surface of the tile with a grout float held at a 45 degree angle. i suggest using a flexible powdered adhesive and grout,make sure you prime the surface first prior to tiling.also consider the colour of the adhesive dpending on what type of tile your installing.i would take along a sample tile when buying your materials and speak to the sales assistant Use epoxy to grout a countertop in the small spaces that may get overlooked. Explain for kids — Why isn't Northern Ireland demanding a stay/leave referendum like Scotland? Install tile spacers in between the tiles as you position them on the fireplace. It's all the tile. Space planning/ layout They told me what I needed and what quantities I needed for the amount of tiles. In … Since the plastic trim would cover the mosaic and break the flow, my tile installer says he can grout the corner where the tiles meet. You can't grout tiles that are tight together, even if it's non-sanded. An open joint will allow combustible materials to collect. Is it safe to use RAM with damaged capacitor? The grout you choose for the tile repair work should have a natural color that complements the tile by having a slight contrast. 10 Stylish Tile Options for Your Fireplace Surround HGTV heads to the Ann Sacks showroom at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center to check out classic and cutting-edge fireplace surround tile options, from interlocking wood to hand-painted terra cotta. The major difference in tiling a fireplace compared to other surfaces is the type of mortar required. You can't grout tiles that are tight together, even if it's non-sanded. Oh my god. I’ve been looking at this ugly thing for years, and I’ve had a few different plans to refinish it. ... and their position held in such high regard that distinctive fireplace tile panels made from heat resistant tiles were frequently incorporated round these features. The correct use of tile grouts is extremely important because without correct grouting, moisture can cause the tiles to sag, spoiling the appearance of the tiling and they may event fall right off. Try to just remove the grout on the tile. Metallic tile brick like FP - allaboutkitchens, Double shower - modern double shower idea in San Francisco with a nichefull width shelf between controls and shower head - wyeknot, Rob Kaufman PhotographyTransitional living room photo in Charleston with a brick fireplaceFamily Room: whitewashed brick; white mantel & trim; black metal coffee table & wood top; wall is painted panel; ceiling painted with white ceiling beams (little darker than wall paint); sofa fabric and prints are beautiful; side chair is soft blue with brown piped trim; window treatment is lovely; siesel flooring add nice texture - rebeccacollinshunter, Beach style subway tile and yellow tile mosaic tile floor and white floor freestanding bathtub photo in Atlanta with yellow wallsFLOOR TILE - American Olean - Unglazed Ceramic Mosaics, 2” x 2” hexagon mosaic, Color: A25 Ice White, matte finish, 1/8” grout width. “No grout” set tile is Mud set natural stone tile and screeding a mix of stone dust from the actual cut stone mixed with Portland over the whole thing when done. You can space marble tiles on a fireplace as wide as 1/8-inch apart or as narrow as 1/32-inch. No grout tile or rectified tiles are cut at an angle so that they may not need grout because they are cut to an accuracy of 0.2 mm and don't have the unaligned look. A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. 74. Can the fireplace grout be re-grouted over the existing grout? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile Kitchen, DIY 3D Vinyl Fireproof Waterproof Oilproof Stick on Backsplash, No Grout Self Adhesive Tile for Bathroom Fireplace Laundry Room … Clearance Deals ... Period living room design in particular is incomplete without the inclusion of a classic Victorian tiled fireplace. If these tiles are on the outside of the fireplace I would grout so again they can be kept clean. Let the grout dry for 30 to 60 minutes or until firm to the touch. Reply. Oct 20, 2016 - Updating on a budget? Jenn Largesse. The tile edges have the red ceramic color and after reading your blog, I am now concerned about the grout … Learn how to lay your own fireplace hearth tiles using our step-by-step guide and videos. Oh and we sealed all of the tile/grout after the grout-drying waiting period on the bottle (we had some leftover from the backsplash). However, any job done without grout isn’t likely to last. Took ten minutes tops. Flooring, wall surfaces, tile selections Trim & ceiling details Regarding your point #1, grout isn't structural in the sense that it prevents movement. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. What would cause a culture to keep a distinct weapon for centuries? It's even still spacers in it. makeover. Painting Tile Fireplace Facelift. If you want your pattern of the tile to be emphasized, then choose a darker grout. Measure out from your firebox to the edge of the area you plan to tile, and draw this space on the cardboard as well. If smaller spacers like 1/8" are used, it will accentuate the size difference of handmade tile. I left about 1/4 inch in between the tiles for grout. Without these precise edges, much more grout is needed to even things out across the floor. 3. Find out how refinishing can remodel your fireplace with a beautiful new look in just one day or less. The notches will leave tracks, like so: Position the tile where you want it and push firmly, wiggling it around a bit so those tile tracks fill and the tile is firmly adhered along every point to the fireplace. Do I Need Tile Grout? There’s not much you can do about it though – and honestly between the float and the sponge I think you’d get some of that anyway, even with nonsanded grout. Applications: Do not grout tiles immediately after fixing. This is a great idea if your fireplace surround is fugly, but not forever, and you’d like something to get you by for a few years! Which will mold and be pretty gross. -We removed the floor tile with a sledge hammer. Photography: Photo Designs by OdessaLike the flow of the color scheme. Placed in a herringbone pattern, the tile and dark grout work together to lend a period feel to the room. In German, can I have a sentence with multiple cases? Color palette Laundry room oversized for home square footage There are cases when laying tile without grout will probably leave the job looking a lot better.But here’s the thing: if you want the job to last, then you need to use grout. Measure your firebox, then on a large piece of cardboard or plywood, draw the firebox's shape. Light above art instead of sconces - kberqui1, Bathroom - rustic bathroom idea in San Francisco with beige countertopscountertop cabinet -- full height, no molding, etc - christinalai, A classic black and white bath, in a 1910 home Hello! Is there a proven technique for removing grout joints without chipping porcelain tiles? The tile-cutting part of the process was a success, but definitely took time. Plus I can put non-sanded grout and run through after things done. Update and reorganize within existing footprint for new master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet, linen closet, laundry room & front entry. Then wipe the tiles clean with a damp cloth or sponge. How grout entire floor without disturbing the grout? I will put down a small piece of cementboard for the tiles to sit on and am planning on using some standard thinset (as I just used on my floor). They are smooth and uniform edges that let you get the smallest joint possible (usually 1/8 or 3/16”). Groutless tile has a higher Unfortunately what I didn't count on is that the facing around the fireplace unit is tile with white grout, which extends out and butts up against the wood surround. For a modest cost, tile will alter the look of a fireplace and dramatically improve the overall character of a room. An open joint will allow combustible materials to collect. Wash tile with non-detergent soap and water or TSP. Project was done in collaboration with Mason Miller Architect. How To Stencil Fireplace Tile With Paint. Photo Credit: John Sutton PhotographyStone hearth and hearth face. Then wipe the tiles clean with a damp cloth or sponge. "We removed the mantle and found bits and pieces of photos, ticket stubs, coins, etc that had fallen back there over the years. The grout is Stone Fix, for natural stone wall and floor, in limestone colour. For dry spaces with less than 0.0025” of space between tiles, you could get away without it. This will cause the tiles to come off. Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive / Grout . Even with rectified tiles, it is not recommended to lay tiles without grout. Do not use tile spacers. You guys, I’ve found a ‘cheater’ way to get the awesome look of tile without having to mud, grout, and try to cut tiles. without support under the tiles (thinset) your tiles will crack, without edge support (grout) your tiles will … Black island, white cabinets and black countertops. Grout the Art Tile Photo by Kolin Smith. See more ideas about household hacks, cleaning, cleaning hacks. 8. This is true. Move the float across the tile at different angles to ensure that all the gaps are filled. All tie into the marble island. You don’t need a lot of paint for this part so be careful not to overload your brush. The tile choice for your fireplace can really make a room stand out More often than not, fireplaces are the focal point of a room so you want to depict that in the tiling and styling! On #2, let's say I left out like 1/32" gap. Stagger the tile joints and wiggle each tile in place to ensure a sturdy set. Solution: Bright, Spacious & Contemporary If you don't want grout, don't use grout. To grout the art tiles, load the mix into a grout bag and squeeze it into the joints. The toilet paper holder is from Hewi (Hafele) in Germany. Custom doors, hardware selections So here’s where the problems with sanded grout come in with this tile – first of all because the tile is so soft the sand kind of wears down the sides of the tile a bit. Use the notched trowel to spread the adhesive on the back of the tile piece, covering the entire back. - artichoke2000, While renovating the master bedroom last year, the Mohrmans replaced the fireplace surround with white ceramic tile. Interior Design - Katja van der Loo In most other tile I will use 1/16 or 1/8 inch lines. Daltile recommends using non-sand and non-acid grout for the fireplace. I'm pretty proud of how the fireplace tile came out! We found this tile at Home Depot, from Jeffrey Court (affiliate link). Architectural finishes, fixtures and accessories were selected to marry the client's rustic, yet modern industrial style. When was the phrase "sufficiently smart compiler" first used? Are you game? But as a DIY with request from the spouse (who hates seeing the grout lines), we plan to cover the raised concrete fireplace hearth with porcelain tiles and no grout. Some of the items were dated back to the 1930’s." Has a state official ever been impeached twice? Leave for a few days to be sure that the adhesive has had time to set properly before grouting. When applied, the product creates a barrier that makes grout both stain and mold resistant. - debperl, A re-creation of a 1950’s home in SF, is now family friendly and perfect for entertaining. I. incetilingltd. If the paint peels, so will the tile. How to tactfully refuse to be listed as a co-author. Fortunately, there are ways to hang art and decor on both surfaces without leaving any holes at all. I opted to install the tiles tight together instead of leaving gaps for grout. After the first one, we chiseled up the remaining seven tiles without breaking them so it wasn’t all that messy.-We then carefully removed the tile around the fireplace. not sure about keeping it clean - gormanfive38, photo by Bruce DamonteExample of a minimalist gray floor bathroom design in San Francisco with white countertopsextend the floor into the shower if possible - webuser_307974121, Trendy kitchen photo in NashvilleSubway tile and white countertops - mbfredrickson, Browse Grout Less Tile Fireplace on Houzz, My Houzz: Putting the Craft in an Ohio Craftsman. If you are using border tiles to frame the opening of the fireplace or are using decorative accent tiles, measure and mark lines to indicate these areas. Dampen a grout sponge and wipe the tiles in a circular motion to clean off the excess. Have a bucket of hot clean water handy to rinse out sponge. First, there was metal trim between the black fireplace and the tile grout. Browse 81 Grout Less Tile Fireplace on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning grout less tile fireplace or are building designer grout less tile fireplace from scratch, Houzz has 81 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Inspire Hardware and Green Spaces Landscaping. How to tile a fireplace hearth – perfect for woodburning stoves. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Papyrus Home Design A closed floor plan was opened to maximize the beautiful downtown bay view. Remodeling your living room or kitchen can be expensive, but you can save some money by doing it yourself. A dated fireplace is given a British Colonial look with the addition of staircase posts, molding and a coat of fresh paint. Full CAD documentation, elevations and specifications I understand the need of grout lines and I did have grout lines for bathroom and kitchen project. It's not a valid concern. Even if this is okay as grout, it means that he's not used the grout I got for the job and perhaps I won't have enough adhesive. $8.99 $ … Technically speaking, grout isn’t necessary. Were there any computers that did not support virtual memory? Next, Mark laid out the tiles and figured out the layout so that we would have an idea of how it would look once set. All I have left is the grout lines! Tape off areas you don’t want to accidentally paint. How to Regrout Tiles If your tile is looking worse for the wear, you might be able to spruce things up with a simple regrout job. Dark spaces due to lack of windos and minimal lighting Grout is what locks a tile installation together as a unified whole. Homeowner & Design Director - To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Use black epoxy grout for granite that is dark and white for lighter granite tiles. 8. Spray the tile and allow the solution to sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it away with a clean cloth. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Hold the cardboard up to the actual fireplace to make sure your measurements are correct. From renovating a traditional fireplace to build a new modern one – here are my favourite fireplace tile ideas that will inspire you. The mud set tile behaves as … Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

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