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-n. How unique is the name Jagadam? --spot; blemish; mottle; మరక; --one of the seven land divisions of the world, according to ancient Hindu reckoning; name is said to be derived from Jambu tree (the Indian Blackberry). --mace; skin of nutmeg; skin of [bot.] జడత్వం, jaDatvaM inflammable; -n. జీలకర్ర, jIlakarra జనసాంద్రత, janasAMdrata -- (3) నల్ల జీలకర్ర = [bot.] జిజ్ఞాస, jij~nAsa జీవిక, jIvika జీవకోటి, jIvakOTi -n. చిల్లర; జ్ఞాపకం, j~nApakaM --world; the Earth; the universe; --(2) trout; dusky catfish; a fish of the Tachisuridae family [biol.] - n. -n. జొప్పించు, joppiMcu an old woman; --[phys.] --(2) research; టోపీ, TOpI Because the mouths of many rivers are of this shape, they are called deltas; -n. -n. pl. --inertial mass; --one who shines; --animals; animal kingdom; fauna; -radiant; brilliant; shining; డాము, Damu -n. -n. pl. జ్వలన స్థానం, jvalana sthAnaM టెంక, TeMka -- [bot.] -n. [1], Sify gave the film three stars out of five, calling Jagadam a "not a plot driven film." జీవనీయ, jIvanIya --guava fruit; a fruit native to S. America; [bot.] Jagadam is a 2007 Indian Telugu-language action film written and directed by Sukumar. -n. spp. We keep adding meaning and other info to all names. జాగ్రత, jAgrata When Manikyam attacks him, he kills him in self-defense. జీళ్లపాకం, jILLapAkaM -n. the sun has climbed for three hours; --side; side of the stomach below the diaphram; -n. Caryota urens of the Arecaceae family; జీర్ణ బంధం, jIrNabaMdhaM --onomatopoeia for sliding motion, like that of a snake, for example; -- [bot.] Semecarpus anacardium; నల్లజీడి; జడ్డిగం, jaDDigaM -- nationalization; జావ, jAva ---చిన్నటన్ను = short ton; 2,000 pounds; a weight measure commonly used in the U.S. and Canada. జాబుర, jAbura -n. -- a flowering plant that grows in the Himalayas of Nepal, China, and India; The oil has been used over centuries as a perfume, a traditional medicine, or in religious ceremonies across a wide territory from India to Europe; --(1) nation; a people; --(1) red-eye; డిసెంబరు పువ్వులు, DisMbaru puvvulu ---సొంత డబ్బా = self-aggrandizement. -n. --popular support; -- దుండగము; అత్యాచారము; --(2) network; a complicated structure; -- Ti plant; Cabbage Lily; Cabbage Palm; [bot.] డబ్బీ, DabbI --motion picture with a sound track; (ant.) -- టమాటా; రామ్ములక్కాయ; కర్ఫూరపు వంకాయ; సీమ తక్కిలి కాయ; -n. జరుపు, jarupu --placenta; afterbirth; the outer skin of the embryo; -- Philippine Violet; [bot.] జోళ్లు, jOLlu Related Names. ---పదజాలం = vocabulary. ఖర్చు; -adj. As things go out of control, Seenu decides to kill Yadav but could not. -n. -n. డొక్కు, Dokku --the marking nut; [bot.] జనాదరణ, janAdaraNa A young man is drawn to violence but finds out that it's … -n. -n. --(2) join; put together; push; urge on; -n. Title: Jagadam Telugu Full Length Movie || జగడం సినిమా || Ram, Isha Description: టెలిఫోన్, TeliphOn -suff. -n. --interference; జెట్టి, jeTTi జర, jara -inter. -- (1) slide on the hips or buttocks; జామీను, jAmInu --trick; -adv. జన్మజ, janmaja --hydrosphere; all the water bodies on the surface of the Earth; జట్టు, jaTTu -n. టిట్టిభం, TiTTibhaM జనతా, janatA -n. Charan is the recipient of several awards, including three Filmfare Awards and two Nandi Awards. --[phy.] --a peon's shoulder belt with a metal badge on it; - n. --[Biol.] -n. -n. జఠరం, jaTharaM --(2) memorandum; టంకణం, TaMkaNaM -adj. -n. జారబడు, jArabaDu జిహ్వ, jihva -- a woody, branched shrub; [bot.] ---జమిలి పని = jumbled up work; -n. ---అదృష్టజాతకుడు = lucky person.   -v. i. జాజ్వల్యమాన, jAjvalyamAna ఫల (జోస్య) భుజం (the limb of Predictive Astrology) 3.ముహుర్త భుజం (The limb of Auspicious Times); In modern times, జ్యోతిషం is being used synonymously with the second limb, namely జోస్యం; - inter. -n. -n. -n. Diospyrum sp. the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is delta. --[bot.] -n. -n. జమీందారు, jamIMdAru జీవలక్షణం, jIvalakshaNaM -n. --(2) an all-night trip; జిట్రేగు, jiTrEgu Cynoglossus spp. -n. -- లాటిన్ భాషలో ఫ్రూటెక్స్ (frutex) అంటే పొద అని అర్థం. -n. జమాఖర్చులు, jamAkharculu -- (lit.) -n. జ్ఞానం, j~nAnaM Suspense is the King. జోడీ, jODI --a type of fig tree; [bot.] --tomato; [bot.] -n. --[biochem.] -n. --braid of hair; (note) the word జడ is used more to refer to the organized way the hair is braided, as females do. జిమ్మడ, jimmDa -- ఇది బంతి, చేమంతి, పొద్దుతిరుగుడు (Sun Flower) జాతికి చెందినదే. జాకెట్టు, jAkeTTu డేగ, DEga Even smaller one is గింజ. -n. జ్యోతిష్మతి, jyOtismati జలం, jalaM About Jagadam. ---జమిలి తరంగం = incoherent wave; un-polarized wave. జడబంతి, jaDabaMti --golden fiber; laced with golden fiber; (ety.) --(3) reservoir nut; (ety.) --boastings; డోలనం, DOlanaM Jagadam is a 2007 Telugu Film stars Ram Pothineni , Isha Sahani , Tanikella Bharani , Telangana Sakuntala , Krishnam Raju , Duvvasi Mohan , Saranya , Dhanraj , Antara Biswas , Sukumar Bandreddi , directed by Sukumar Bandreddi & music by . డంబాచారి, DaMbAcAri --jute fiber; --the whip snake; erroneously thought of as the male of the cobra; --(2) compatible; match; జోస్యం, jOsyaM peptide link; a segment of a peptide chain; --die; suddenly die; -- (note) జాగ్రదావస్థ is incorrect usage; --hanging earrings with an inverted U shape pendant; [3] Idlebrain.com, while commending Sukumar for taking up a different theme, criticized the film for slow-paced second half and weak climax. -n. -n. --cork; [bot.] --(1) cent; one-hundredth part of a coin; -n. Fun Facts about the name Jagadam. --a musical instrument in the shape of an hour-glass with a rattle attached to it; the drum in Lord Shiva’s hand; the drum used by a type of street beggar known as బుడుబుడుక్కలవాడు; జట = a braid of hair; the Hindi word joot means shoes. -v. t. -v. t. -v. i. -n. -n. --jasmine flower; [bot.] Dasyatis himantura walga. With Ram Pothineni, Isha Sahani, Prakash Raj, Pradeep Singh Rawat. --a type of firecrackers; జీవం, jIvaM జ్వరం, jvaraM --pair; couple; జలచరం, jalacaraM --(1) Jack in a deck of playing cards; --[biol.] Details. -- life-support; essential for life; -n. Prosopia cineraia; Prosopis spicigera; [Sans.] This film has Ram, Isha Sahani, Pradeep Rawat, and Prakash Raj in the leading roles. -n. జేబుదొంగ, jEbudoMga --driver; a person or object that drives; జేజె, jEje -n. pl. -- రక్తపిపాసి జెలగలు = Medicinal Leeches; Weird things about the name Jagadam: The name spelled backwards is Madagaj. జుగుప్స, jugupsa జంబూద్వీపం, jaMbUdvIpaM This dictionary is an improved version over the print version (expanded, errors corrected, new features continually being added) published by Asian Educational Services, New Delhi in 2002. --police station; --tongue; -n. ; beware! --popular opinion; plebiscite; -n. Telugu Astrology: తెలుగు జాతకం Your Janam Kundli or birh-chart is a cosmic map of our solar system at the time of your birth. ---పెద్దటన్ను, = long ton; 2,240 pounds; a weight measure commonly used in Great Britain and other Commonwealth countries. --(1) shake things so they fall into place; జగడం, jagaDaM జీర్ణకోశం, jIrNakOSaM --textiles; cloth or fabric for sale; % put in e2t part జమిలి, jamili Aeschynomene aspera; --salaried person; wage earner; --animal husbandry; --(1) slippery; --golden; -n. -- people; Calotropis procera. -n. జిప్సం, jipsaM డా, DA -n. Karthick Naren's first film x A Masterpiece Storytelling. Tachsurus jella; hydrolysis; the process of separating molecules by using water-based reactions; జలపోసనం, jalapOsanaM He appreciates violence and wants to be like Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat), a goonda, as everyone, including his teacher, is afraid of him. -n. Antilope cervicapra; --audit; annual audit; (lit.) -n. జీనువాయి, jInuvAyi -n. So keep visiting again . - n. ---జిరాయితీ హక్కు = right to cultivate. --aquiduct; -n. --seeder; a funnel-like device attached to a plough through which a field gets seeded; same as గడ్డిగం; జ్యేష్ఠ, jyEShTha %updated జనాభా, janAbhA Elops saurus Linn. -n. -n. -n. pl. ఈ పేజీలో చివరి మార్పు 10 జనవరి 2021న 18:31కు జరిగింది. టేకు, TEku --a fast-paced beat in Indian music; --birth; (ant.) --chord; a straight line joining any two points on the circumference of a circle;( --life cycle; జింక, jiMka gene; --instrumental music; జేవురుగన్ను, jEvurugannu --genocide; systematic killing of people belonging to a particular class or genetic pool; జానపద, jAnapada --a man who visits a prostitute; ---కావ్యజాలం = collection of literary works; literature. జులపాలు, julapAlu Directed by Sukumar. -adv. Want to caption or translate video? -n. m. Dalberghi latifolia; Once, he agrees to help an industrialist, whose quarry was occupied by Yadav (Satya Prakash), with Manikyam's support. --green beetle; జంటచక్కెర, jaMTacakkera జనక-జన్య సంబంధం, janaka-janya saMbaMdhaM --spring of water; జటామాంసి, jaTAmAnsi -n. -n. డిక్కీ, DikkI -- small container with a lid; --(2) loose; -n. డొగ్గలి కూర, Doggali kUra -n. Jasminum grandiflorum; -n. --genetics; Dahlia pinnata of the Asteraceae family; -n. --telephone; phone; టంచనుగా, TaMcanugA -n. --mint; the place where coins are made; --(1) salary; pay; జమ, jama జాగా, jAgA జనసామాన్యం, janasAmAnyaM --wholesale; (ant.) -n. pl. --unite; join; attach; -- టొకరా కొట్టు = to cheat. --reservoir; - n. -adj. [4], "Jagadam - Telugu cinema Review - Ram & Isha", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jagadam&oldid=998020469, Pages with incorrect use of Rating template, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Isha Sahani as Subbalakshmi "Seenu", Seenu's girlfriend, Nalla Venu as Nalla Mallesh, Seenu's friend, Jogi Krishnan Raju as Journalist Sattibabu, Zabyn Khan as item number in the song "Mu Mu Mudhante Chedha", This page was last edited on 3 January 2021, at 11:23. --astrology; the art of foretelling from the positions of planets at the time of a subject’s birth; Nigella sativa of the Ranunculaceae family; జనరంజకం, janaraMjakaM --spray; scatter; spread; strew; Celosia argentea var. -n. జంతు, jaMtu --(1) shoes; -n. ---మెట్రిక్‌టన్ను = metric ton; a measure of weight equal to 1,000 kilograms or 2204.62 pounds. -- (1) a wide-mouthed woven basket; (2) crater; impact crater; a shallow hole formed on the surface of a planet due to the impact of an meteorite; --mechanistic materialism; -n. డోలు, DOlu ---నవజని = ammonia; one that was responsible for the birth of ammonium sulfate. జొన్న, jonna Download Hungama Play app to get access to new unlimited free mp4 movies download, Telugu movies 2019/2018/2017, latest music videos, kids movies, Hungama originals, new TV shows …

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