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The aims and scope of the journals are to: • Provide a journal that reports research on topics that are of international significance across educational contexts Music Educators Journal (MEJ) is a peer-reviewed journal that encourages music education professionals to submit manuscripts about all phases of music education in schools and communities, practical instructional techniques, teaching philosophy, and current issues in music teaching and learning. List of issues Latest articles Partial Access; Volume 49 2020 Volume 48 2019 Volume 47 2018 Volume 46 2017 Volume 45 2016 Popular music education takes place at the intersections of identity realization, learning, teaching, enculturation, entrepreneurship, creativity, a global multimedia industry and innumerable instances of music making as leisure. Journals: ISSN: 17527074, 17527066: Coverage: 2012-2019: Scope: The Journal of Music, Technology and Education (JMTE) is published in partnership with the Association for Technology in Music Instruction. Description: The Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (JHRME) is published twice annually. All Journals Journal of New Music Research List of Issues Volume 49, Issue 5 2019 Impact Factor. Editorial Research: Music education in a time of pandemic - Volume 37 Issue 2 - Alison Daubney, Martin Fautley Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. All Journals Music Education Research List of Issues Volume 22, Issue 5 2019 Impact Factor. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals The Journal of Music Teacher Education, a peer-reviewed online-only research journal published three times a year, includes general interest articles and research articles (philosophical, historical, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) related to music teacher education.. 0.702 Journal of New Music Research. Journal of Music Teacher Education. Citation search. Digital access is available free to NAfME members as part of membership; the print edition is $50/year. ROULSTON, K. (2006) ‘ Mapping the possibilities of qualitative research in music education: a primer ’, Music Education Research, 8 (2), 153 – 173. But the quality and quantity of critical dialogue and research … Its intended audience is research scholars in music education, musicology and the history of education. Journal of Research in Music Education: Published quarterly in print and digital. 0.688 Search in: Advanced search ... Music Education Research, Volume 22, Issue 5 (2020) Special Issue : An … JMTE explores the issues concerning the use of technology in music education. Its intended audience is research scholars in music education, musicology and the history of education. Types of research. Secondly we identify how improvisation has been characterized, conceptually before, thirdly, describing the implications of the literature for improvisation in practice. Research Studies in Music Education is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that promotes the dissemination and discussion of high quality research in music and music education. Description: Contributions to Music Education is a refereed journal published by the Ohio Music Education Association. Journal of New Music Research (1994 - current) Formerly known as. 0.702 Search in: Advanced search. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs is available at low or no cost in over 5,000 institutions in developing countries via the international development charity, INASP, and the UN's Research4Life programmes, which strive to strengthen the availability, access and use of international research information by researchers in developing countries. The Journal of Music, Technology and Education explores the issues concerning the use of technology in music education at all levels and across genres such as composition, musicology, performance and music production. New ... Browse the list of issues and latest articles from Music Education Research. Published quarterly, Music Educators Journal offers peer-reviewed scholarly and practical articles on music teaching approaches and philosophies, instructional techniques, current trends and issues in music education in schools and communities and the latest in products and services.A digital subscription is included with your NAfME membership. Journal of Research in Music Education's journal/conference profile on Publons, with several reviews by several reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, a peer-reviewed online-only journal, brings research in music teaching and learning close to everyday practice to help teachers apply research in their music classrooms and rehearsal halls.The journal presents reviews of the literature and findings of individual studies without research terminology or jargon. In A Guide to Research in Music Education, Phelps, Ferrara and Goolsby define research as the identification and isolation of a problem into a workable plan; the implementation of that plan to collect the data needed; and the synthesis, interpretation and presentation of the collected information into some format which readily can be made available to others. The Journal of Popular Music Education (JPME) seeks to define, delimit, debunk, disseminate and disrupt practice and discourse in and around popular music education. 2019 Impact Factor. Higher education around the world has become a major topic of discussion, debate, and controversy, as a range of political, economic, social, and technological pressures result in a myriad of changes at all levels. 2019 Impact Factor. A primary purpose is to recognize and highlight the importance of social science research in guiding educational practice. The Journal of Research in Music Education was established in 1953 under the editorship of Allen Britton.At first many of the articles described historical and descriptive research, but in the early 1960s the journal began to shift toward experimental research. Manuscripts published are scholarly works, representing empirical research in a variety of modalities. Search and view issues of JRME — member login required; 2020-2021 Quick Reference Guide with Submission Deadlines 190 Factors Influencing the Pitch-Matching of Junior High Boys Steven M. Demorest University of Washington Ann Clements Pennsylvania State University Steven M. Demorest is an associate professor of music education in the School of Music, Box 353450, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3450; e-mail: The journal publishes research articles in all surgical disciplines on topics relative to the education of surgical students, residents, and fellows, as well as practicing surgeons. Table of contents for Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, 39, 2, Feb 01, 2021 Journals: ISSN: 1744795X, 02557614: Coverage: 1996-2020: Scope: The International Journal of Music Education (IJME) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the International Society for Music Education (ISME) four times a year. It is the only journal specifically dedicated to the educational aspects of music technology and the technological aspects of music. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. 0.688 Music Education Research. Music Educators Journal. Interface (1972 - 1993) Browse the list of issues and latest articles from Journal of New Music Research. The Journal of Surgical Education (JSE) is dedicated to advancing the field of surgical education through original research. Journal of Research in Music Education comprises reports of peer-reviewed original research related to music teaching and learning. Submit an article. New content alerts RSS. The International Journal of Educational Research publishes research manuscripts in the field of education.Work must be of a quality and context that the Editorial Board think would be of interest to an international readership. The journal encourages the interrogation and development of a range of research methodologies and their application to diverse topics in music education theory and practice. The Olav Alvares Award was launched by Dr. Olav Alvares, Journal of Dental Education Editor from 2000 to 2009, to encourage early career scholars (assistant professors, instructors, residents, students, and staff) to conduct and publish outstanding research. The International Journal of Music in Early Childhood is an interdiciplinary forum directed at the empirical study of music in early childhood, or pre-birth to age 8. Olav Alvares Awards for Early Career Scholars Who Published Outstanding Articles in the JDE in 2019. All Journals Music Education Research List of Issues Search in: Top; Journal Music Education Research Submit an article Journal homepage. The IJRES is an international journal and welcomes any research papers on education and science using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social issues, psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, book reviews, and review articles. The Journal publishes manuscripts in a wide variety of research areas in the field of engineering education. Music Educators Journal Guidelines for Contributors. By analysing 20 music education research articles, published from 2000–2015 in peer-reviewed journals, we firstly provide an overview of the key features and knowledge of existing research. ( 2005 ) ‘ Working towards a theory for music technologies in the classroom: how pupils engage with and organize sounds with new technologies ’, British Journal of Music Education , 22 (2) , 167 – 180 . SAVAGE , J. The wide range of topics includes various aspects of music pedagogy, history, and philosophy, and addresses vocal, instrumental, and general music at all levels, from early childhood through adult. Subscribe. Published only online three times a year, available free to members. Founded in 1980, the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (JHRME) is a peer-reviewed international journal, published twice annually, and dedicated to publishing articles and reviews in the English language. Ann Clements is an assistant professor of music educa- The Journal of Research on Technology in Education publishes on the current state and future of teaching and learning with technology and educational technology About This Journal.

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