vue js video player with playlist

3D cube media player CSS only. Cincopa's responsive design video player with playlist positioned horizontally right below the main screen is the perfect solution for those, who wish to showcase their videos on both desktops and mobile displays. Download Video.js for free. 3 Students. 2.5 hours Content. In this article, I’ll show how to solve that problem. #1 Video player on Envato Market. When you’re playing a playlist on youtube, then moving from main video url to another url, the video will not destroyed instead it will shown and continue on bottom right corner. What you will learn ☑ Video element API ☑ Vue best practises I’ve used video.js for about 4 years now, with a brief break where I used a proprietary third party video player. Responsive: no. Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. This is my code: In a previous article I demonstrated how to make a simple responsive video playlist using three links and just one

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