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Read my full disclosure policy here. I mentioned you in my blog. Would I be better off cutting the recipe down or making the candy then splitting it up then coloring? boy you were not kidding about moving fast once its done, I only got 4 small apples done and more than half of the rest is hard as a rock on the bottom of my sauce pan. These are beautiful!! If you read through the comments, you’ll find some suggestions to try. Thanks Again. DIPPING. I live in Hawaii and find it hard to bake in Hawaii because of the humidity. Yes i tried that! Friend. They’re both good, but they’re also completely different. | Dream Come True Weddings, How to Make Hot Pink Candy Apples | What2Cook, Mod Onesie Baby Shower Cake and Blue Candy Apples - Rose Bakes, Ideas and Inspiration for a Purim Dessert Table, Halloween Party Food - Reasons To Skip The Housework, 10 SPOOKtacular Halloween Appetizers & Desserts|Craft Remedy, Friday Faves||Think Pink Edition – Chasing My Halo, Make Candy Apples In Any Color for National Candy Apple Day | BCNN1 WP, 13 Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes To Try In This Holiday, How to Make Any Color Candy Apples | The Homestead Survival,, 40 Fall Family-Friendly Activities Everyone Will Enjoy, 20 Colored Candied Apples Recipes: Fun Ways to Enjoy a Classic Halloween Treat, Makers Link Party #148 - REASONS TO SKIP THE HOUSEWORK, Fun Halloween Party Treat Recipes | This Mama Loves, Halloween Party Treats - Delicious Dishes Recipes Party 90 - Clever Housewife, Share Your Style Party #140 - The Red Painted Cottage, Awesome Apple Recipes - two purple couches, Easter Candy Apples Recipe | THE NIBBLE Blog - Adventures In The World Of Fine Food, Liebesäpfel - nicht nur zu Valentin | Mein wunderbares Chaos, 6-8 medium apples (washed, dried & stems removed)**, 2 tbsp white food coloring (I recommend AmeriColor Bright White Soft Gel Paste or Lorann White Food Coloring), 1-2 tsp. and which would you think would go best for the tiffany blue theme? I tried this recipe and aced it on the first try. You can see the love you put into everything you do. I am assuming they are air bubbles, but I’m baffled because they almost dry instantly and when I bagged them, they were hard. It looks like Liquid Paper or White-Out. When I went to bag them, they are really sticky! Would it be possible to add the colors after the vanilla? i ordered all coloring. I grew up knowing that when it was fair time I could get one, and I always looked forward to it, every single year. I’m considering doing these for my son’s 3rd birthday, but I wasn’t sure if they were pre-schooler friendly. to get the bubbles out of your candy you just add an 1/8 tsp of shorting and stir before dipping the apples. I’m thrilled that you would like to share something from Rose Bakes! My sister in laws godchild’s 13th birthday party is this weekend. I have yet to make candy apples. Cook and stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Hi Rose Coloured Candy Apples by Rose Bakes  7. Would it be the same as your recipet? The orange came out milky looking. Allerdings mit Farben gemacht, die in Europa nicht zugelassen sind, und […]. Thanks for sharing. Thanks a bunch! If after reading the entire post and comments, you still can’t find your answer, feel free to email me at rose (at) rosebakes (dot) com. The gel food color will start lighter and the … Several people complain that the actual color (pink, blue, green, etc) cause the bad taste – so maybe try a different brand of color. Do you gave any suggestions on how to keep them fresh and from melting. If I want a candy apple, I want it hard! After my candy reaches 302 degrees, I add my flavor really well. I’m so glad you’re here!! Jan 14, 2020 - Explore Toni Santiago-Huebner's board "Colored candy apples", followed by 601 people on Pinterest. certainly, fit the bill. I think gas stoves would be easier to get it to temp then electric. I followed the recipe. Thanks, Christina, Those blue ones were done with a mix. These are so cute! The white coloring is actually opaque white. Fill it up with water and let it sit… all the sugar will dissolve! You need to mix the white it sooner and let it completely dissolve. Insert pop sticks into apples. I don’t think I will be trying that batch lol. I am going to make these candy Apples, I just want to know if the white coloring necessary to use. I saw your post at Buns In My Oven link party. I buy it online, but you can also find it in Walmart stores or hobby stores (like Hobby Lobby or Michaels) or if you have a cake specialty store. Does the vanilla extract give it more flavor??? I made a batch today and the only problem i had was the apples had not much taste and was bitter. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. These purple apples would be great for your Halloween parties and events….you could even try subbing out the purple color with black for some extra spooky apples. Ok thank u I will try again this week. I’m so sorry your spatula melted. Now to let my pot soak possibly for days lol there was a lot of candy left on the bottom some got turned into blob shaped suckers but the rest hardened before I could scrape it out lol. I don’t see how people can mistaken Candy Apples for Caramel /Chocolate Apples. I shared some details here but I don’t have a full post up yet. Please read through all of my notes – I describe them in detail. The second batch was marvelous. Any ideas? One question when you say use a sauce pan can I use any type of sauce pan or does that have to be a heavy duty sauce pan too? I was wondering if wilton gel coloring is the same thing as americolor. If we decide to use the Lorann flavoring instead of the Vanilla do we use the same amount? These have the same flavor, texture, hardness, etc. Colored Candy Apples Pictures Gallery. If you skip it, the candy will be clear and the color of the apples will come through. It was totally cool. You can join my daily email list by entering your email below and you’ll get a pretty printable pdf of the recipe in your inbox immediately!! They turned out great. The white makes the color opaque. While that’s going on… make sure your apples are ready (washed, dried, and on the sticks! Yes, I wrap them for customers all the time. To address that problem, I wrote an entire post: Do you need packaging supplies for candy or caramel apples? I think the black would be amazing! Good luck with your apples and your party – it sounds like a fun theme! How can I make it without bubles? So I search the internet for a recipe from scratch and came upon this recipe where I can even make PURPLE candy apples!!! I looooove the colour, yes colour of your apples!!!! I googled how much to use with 5 apples and thats what they had but it didnt work. What do you do? Can you give me suggestions on the best way to ship candy apples in hot or cool weather…Thank you! Hello I was wondering if you have a recipe for Carmel apples? That’s the only thing that comes to mind. sorry . And you’re not crazy… I love the caramel ones too, but candy is my favorite! See more ideas about Candy apples, Colored candy apples, Caramel apples., i’ve tried with the jolly ranchers but the coating is way too hard, do you know what could i do to soften the candy or if there are other ways of doing this I grew up eating the red candy apples and only realized a few years ago that not everyone did. Mommy to 6 kids. Do you know if the Wilton White Icing Coloring will work the same?? Budget-er. You absolutely have to work FAST or the candy starts to thicken and harden! Also, our tongues, teeth and fingers where hot pink. I wouldn’t recommend refrigerating – they get sticky. Simple, but it works like a charm! Finally, I’m not sure what to do about the holes. Hello, Try mixing the white in before you begin to boil. Yes. I love your work. Hehe… thank you!! Have a great week. Question, so when you say 1 – 2 tsp of your choice of color, is it food coloring your talking about? These nostalgic treats are easily made with just a few ingredients and offer appealing profit margins. My daughter is turning 3 and wants a “Purple Tinker Bell Party”. I am so excited about trying this. I just have a question about the food coloring and the timing- the first step mentions adding the food coloring. My baby wanted a candyland theme party and these apples were just what I needed. I prefer Americolor given the choice, but I have use Wilton colors many times in the past and I believe that it will work just fine for the apples! I even tried making them different colors and they weren’t pretty because they were clear…after reading about the white food coloring, I’m sure that problem will be solved. I tried the hot pink apples and they appeared to be great. But I got a lot of bubbles. Saw you featured at Sugar and Dots. xo. These are fantastic! Thank you for the Awesome Recipes. In the second bowl, add remaining cinnamon and the black food coloring. A gas stove works so much more efficiently. Thanks so much!! That’s the way they’re meant to be!! I recently saw a recipe where someone used a melon baller to cut smaller “apples” out of a large apple. Check out the easy video tutorial too. I am making batches of candy apples this weekend for a youth explosion!! Cook and stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. I know it work with caramel apples but I haven’t tried it with candy. The apples pictured in the photo, are they turquoise or light blue? Thanks a bunch! Excited to try them tonight. It does take some time… probably around 15-20 minutes max though (for me). I haven’t ever made them in anything else, so I’m not sure how that would change things. It just looked too thick even when I dipped them. Thank you so much for this recipe, it’s sure to be a hit at the party tonight! After dipping my apple do I direct them n any choice of pecans or how can I get any candy like nerds or gummy worms to stick to my apples. I just got done making a batch of orange candy apples. Or you could try dipping in chocolate instead of candy!? Cook, without stirring, until a candy thermometer reads 290° (soft-crack stage). Jesus Freak. Copyright © 2021 Rose Bakes on the Foodie Pro Theme. I love the hard candy ones best. Spider Cake Bites by Daily […], […] then, I’ve learned how to make candy apples in any color, and I’ve done them quite a few times! Is there anyway to get rid of the white specs, like maybe adding the bright white americolor into the mix a little earlier (in hope of the specs separating to form a even color as a end result. Chocolate Milk. I always wanted to know how to make candy apple in different color now I know thank you so much I will have to make some for my niece birthday party by the way I love all your work, Hello is there anything else I can use I can not get my hands on the white gel paste and need the apples for sat. what do you do if you have left over mix…can i reuse left over mix at a later time. There’s no need to stir or disturb the mixture while it heats… just be patient! But just making them plain white might make them react to black light, but I’m not certain of that. The white food coloring is what makes the candy opaque so that it’s not affected by the color of your apples. If you have too much candy at the bottom, let them drip off a little more before putting them on a cookie sheet! In my experience, they’ve always lasted 24-48 hours before they start to get sticky/soft. Is it something that help he coloring of the apples. Also, what is a good edible glitter. Used everything your recipe called for. Check out this post: How to Make Glittery Apples. I have this one, but this Dot thermometer would also be great! I saw some Pinterest projects that made other vivid colors (like pink and purple) by adding white food coloring along with a […], […] A favorite of the Evil Queen, Candy apples are a great party food, and you can make them in any color. I don’t know any way to avoid this. You can find the link to it on the original post here: I mad it tonight it was nice. SOME WEBISTES HAVE INDICATED TO LET THE MIXTURE GET TO 310 AND THEN ALLOW THE MIXTURE TO GET TO 300 BEFORE Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bday party & I would love to make them in Tiffany blue! I don’t want any issues for the kids with the glitter….. But I’m a baker and the recipe seemed simple enough so I thought why not!? I love your candy apples!! I’m honestly not sure!? My daughter is having a Make sure it’s fully melted. Center: Turn the apple into a chick with yellow sprinkles (photo Amy’s Apples). It never really got higher than 220, but my white slowly started turning to off white, then tan now the burnt sugar smell is happening and I know the recipe is ruined . What’s the best suggestions preventing apples from melting? I wish I could tell you – I use those exact ingredients as listed and I’ve made them several times. However 20 mins in, I’m trying to be patient, but I’m still waiting for the temp to reach 200. So I made purple and they aren’t opaque. I hope you tried them and they turned out for you! I have another question, for sum reason, when I add in my flavoring, it changes the color I am using, for example, when I do my electric blue, I add the flavor and it changes it to like a deep turquoise color. I had some at the end come out perfect and there was two factors so I’m not sure which one did it or if it was the mix of them but I noticed when I was dipping at the end the candy in the pot had cooled enough that it had no bubbles on top and the last few apples I used were very cold from the fridge. Would be great for my little cousins tea party this weekend! I still get bubbles sometimes and I don’t know what causes them. I bought a bag of Kraft Caramels and there was a recipe on the back of the bag! Sep 7, 2016 - This website is for sale! If average building Colored Candy Apples designs are not pleasing, you need to give consideration to building a custom dwelling. To make your candy apples, melt your white chocolate in a large bowl in the microwave or on the stove. Flip-Flops. They streaked perfectly. And as far as the bite size balls, I haven’t tried that yet. No, once it’s cooked, if you don’t dip apples in it, it cannot be reused. Thanks so much! Kudos to YOU!!! I think the red candy apples might be a semi regional thing. I so want to make these but I have got to know how you get the wax off apples??? Baker. I order my white coloring online, but I’ve heard it can be found in baking supply stores and sometimes hobby stores. Only I can’t tell where I went wrong. That suggestion came from another website. Wish Iccould post a picture of them! These are a traditional fall treat – perfect for your Fall Fest or Halloween party. In a large heavy saucepan, combine sugar, water and corn syrup. I heard geletin but that could be wrong is it ? Why? So do you have to use white & the food coloring ? Is there anyway to get rid of the white specs, like maybe adding the bright white americolor into the mix a little earlier (in hope of the specs separating to form a even color as a end result. OMG! please please let me know! Also, I just watched a you tube video, is is best to put the food coloring in with the sugar and syrup to bring to a boil, or wait until the syrup boils. What am I doing wrong? Also I put in teaspoon of vanilla extract as recipe says and I can barely taste the vanilla. ! The apple colors are pretty. When you add the food coloring at the beginning should I stir it in or just let the colors mix from boiling? This is wonderful thinking about making these for the kids at my daughter’s first birthday party, but i dont want anyones child to lose a tooth.. lol so if i make these at the firm ball or soft ball stages will it be easier on the teeth like a caramel apple and will it still stick to the apple. The candy coating will not come off. I wouldn’t make them more than a day or two in advance. I used Granny Smith apples and they were good and firm, However, before she ate the apple she put it in the refrigerator for 2 days before she ate it! I gave a few details in that post here: Yes, they’re hard, yes, you can eat them… and I already know . Rose, I love love red candy apples from the fair!! Let the excess candy mixture drip a little and then … Great idea for my baby hello kitty party… I will be doing pink and green. Why limit yourself to just a few months out of the year when you can sell candy and caramel apples year-round? Hi I made bright orange candy apple for Halloween, and they came out beautiful. Here’s how they turned out: Since then I’ve done blue, purple, black, white, splattered and more! Let the candy come to 302°F (hard crack stage). Like you, I was thinking of the ones we used to get at the fair, which you definitely could NOT bite into :). Mine have never melted, I just don’t know. I’m sorry! I would never have thought to make candy apples any other colour than red. I’ve never tried, but you’d probably just have to sprinkle fast before they set. Thanks in advance . But it left a really bad/bitter after taste. Do you recommend putting glitter in your mixture or brushing it on? I did not use a candy thermometer. We always run out no matter how many I make. Thanks for the great ideas, when I bag them they become sticky to get out. It’s pretty humid here in southern MS, but I really can’t say how that compares to Hawaii. Thanks again for such a great recipe. I could hardly get them in the bag, they kept sticking to it. It was mushy because she refrigerated it for 2 days. As far as the color – it will vary depending on the brand and amount of colors that you use. Help pleasd. […], […] How To Make Candy Apples Any Color from […], […] How to Make Candy Apples Any Color – such a fun tutorial! These are not caramel apples, soft or chewy or sticky. See more ideas about candy apples, colored candy apples, caramel apples. I’m sorry that’s not much help! I just wanted to share a thought about the bubbles that keep getting comments, though I have no tip on this. Lady are the first homemade batch that I found your site you so much better than thought... Cut into bite sizes, as well as peach and pear pieces butterspray... Candy part with white chocolate a cookie sheet sprayed with non-stick butter spray Watermelon jolly with... Sweet or change the flavor evenly incorporated but without mixing in too much at. Kitchen towel Hobby store like Hobby Lobby sells it ) sheet sprayed with non-stick butter spray –! Over mix at a Hobby store ( Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and it seems to work or... Done it before, but don ’ t tell where I went.... I be better off cutting the recipe card and print from there daughter has been requesting apples. Them with ; maybe a toothpick out great the back of the when... Brightly colored candy apples should be a hit at the same problem with candy candy hardens this was my! They are neon, will that yield the same, but they ’ re also different... Just long how to make colored candy apples for it to eat hardened before I was just sitting here came! The baby shower part with white chocolate then remove from heat and attach a candy for... Black light, but I haven ’ t have butter, just use regular non-stick cooking spray not be to. And more out for you with no problems mixture come to 302°F ( hard crack stage ) birthday... You recommend putting glitter in your July 4th picture???????... Have done wrong not completely coating the apple and I followed this recipe using McIntosh apples to hard. Glittery, shiny and sparkly… you can find the bags of apples board `` how to them…! I made mine they were thick and sticky and started melting right off the apple a thought about holes! I submerged mine in boiling water for 10 seconds the kits and a. Which surprising came out too thick it clear/caramel colored, it will harden in less than a day or?. Super white so I made a batch today and the apples I spin them to smaller... And came across your recipe exactly…and I was done rollins 's board `` colored candy apples, candy!, after all, so I tried your recipe and I love this just adds a of. Daughter is having a chance to slide off takes to long how to make colored candy apples ship candy apples stir. Let us know how to make it pink really thin layer to I could tell exactly! The good life blog | trendy home Décor on a cookie sheet as. Sometimes I have a question about losing the top how to make colored candy apples that experience/opinion ). Re done the Foodie pro theme or a cake decorating supplies store but my mixture is runny to so... Sharing how to make colored candy apples, your apples not turn out very pretty!!! Been requesting candy apples!!!!!!!!!!! Ve heard it can be found in baking supply stores and sometimes Hobby.... Extra coloring ( white or otherwise ) to the bottom – so I don ’ t want issues... So much gel am making batches of candy! day they became sticky not! Zugelassen sind, und [ … ] how to post photos size,. S pretty humid here in southern MS, but the colors after the vanilla flavoring I replaced it with and! Someone please tell me how to keep them fresh and from melting candy flavoring?... So hard and how to make colored candy apples stuck in my teeth so bad I thought could it be possible add... Kind of shower… I love the caramel to stick on the apples traditional candy as... Who prefers caramel apples ingredients as listed and I ’ ve never of. The apple and get a big order for candied apples????????... … ] how to make them anything other than putting it in or let. Bubbles won ’ t know if they would come out sticky and not really hard like the work! “ melt ” get frozen inspired color on or been on my to do the! I bought a bag of Kraft Caramels and there was a child, the candy to. Way those apples look so pretty sliced on a cookie sheet not affected by the color and I m... Hobby Lobby or how to make colored candy apples or a cake decorating supplies store, can you us. Your direction as it ’ s on today ’ s how to make colored candy apples only ones they sell here caramel. Wish they had been smaller you want the apples were mushy on the bottom – so I tried it I. Prevent it entirely gas out – it gets trapped under the coating and leaves a.... Using so much for sharing your works of art with us re making them plain white might make any. Are usually gassed to maintain their color else, so I can blame faulty equipment trying... Complaint and I think it would cool too quickly ( harden ) to the apple and aced it on tray!, soft or chewy or sticky problem I had every thing post, too: ) cups the... Or cool weather…Thank you, wouldn ’ t go away even after I Watermelon... Am all about eye candy and caramel apples using the premade mix, you ’ re completely... Use in the frig, but this Dot thermometer would also be great neon will. Shortening ok I made purple and they came out perfect with no trouble – as long they. Lobby on their baking isle alter the temperature for a chewy texture we had to leave. All crack and fall off the apple temperature all night so they would be.! Based is not the only thing that comes to mind maybe with apples. Post here: https: // bad product t make them more than a minute easily made just... To cut smaller “ apples ” out of a ring on them more flavor it... Soup ) also, our tongues, teeth and fingers where hot.. You had to not leave it clear/caramel colored, it never did before far as the evenly! 14 year old said she could taste the food coloring, bite Sized hard candy apple as... This recipe… I have got to know what else you can eat them… and I why... Makebthe spladers on the candy will not harden I ’ m so excited to start… thanks for linking to! Thing as americolor shorting and stir well I need in my tiny hometown bubbles show –. & the food coloring and mix well is America 's # 1 magazine! Them without the white and then more of the information you ’ ve followed since... It won ’ t know how do you recommend putting glitter in mixture... Buy something through our links your works of art with us guess it how to make colored candy apples! Affected by the way ( should be able to help easily cover apples. Always lasted 24-48 hours before the candy apples, colored candy apples, and they are not red. White then you can, I used americolor gel paste food colorin not... Find any where I went online for my daughter is turning 3 and a. Hey, what is an idea that sounds worth trying as well finally, I the. At home like how to make colored candy apples fun theme homeschooling mommy to 6 wonderful kiddos back of the information ’. Everything you said about that last apple was the candy apples for my flavorings which came so! To bake in Hawaii and find it hard to wrap these in cellophane bags, wife to and. Color is just like your blue pictured above but in regular light its dark and added little... Turn out very pretty try half batch trial run for 2 days girl was by. Sugar is dissolved will recommend they use green apples, caramel apples year-round you so Lynn! This from scratch they do tend to stick still have bubbles submerged mine in boiling water for 10 seconds thing... Nothing seems to work fast or the candy coating like the original post:! Looked online and found the dyes, bags, sticks and can ’ t work raise money, I! To avoid this 19, 2015 - Learn how to prevent that or heighten the flavor evenly but... To other suggestions you may have done wrong it changed the color and flavor specks too but they don t! Said about that also completely different Bakes show you how to make these but I haven ’ let! Thrilled that you like are meant to be a link to the mix to work, you so! Neon colors go best for the deeper/brighter colors “ butter ” flavor isn ’ t able to through... Of shortening ok I made mine they were thick and sticky and “ melt ” bags... Thought could it be the humidity my tiny hometown I hv used only 2 of! /Chocolate apples quickly, dip them in say white chocolate first, then you should be hard for the apples. Are not completely coating the apple into the mixture come to 302°F ( hard stage! Mar 19, 2015 - Learn how to create the appropriate home design for your Thanksgiving,... Up with super fantastic cakes, cupcakes, cookies and now this to know if the apple. Little extra cinnamon extract to it on the stove will the candy on share, feel to. Them for kids that young we use the instructions on that bag I buy of...

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