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[47] To retain and attract customers who decide to produce their own energy through microgrids, DSO's can offer purchase agreements for the sale of surplus energy that the consumer produces. The rapidly falling costs point to a major change from the centralised grid topology to one that is highly distributed, with power being both generated and consumed right at the limits of the grid. With the segments set to benefit the most will be smart metering hardware sellers and makers of software used to transmit and organize the massive amount of data collected by meters.[81]. MultiSpeak has created a specification that supports distribution functionality of the smart grid. The technology aims to; integrate and support renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro, empower consumers with real-time information about their energy consumption and assist utility companies to reduce outages. [116] According to the Boston Globe, the plan "unfairly targeted low-income customers and circumvented Massachusetts laws meant to help struggling consumers keep the lights on". Pelqim Spahiu and Ian R. Evans in their study introduced the concept of a substation based smart protection and hybrid Inspection Unit. What is BUILDING AUTOMATION? Transmission lines enabled with such devices support greater use of renewable energy by providing more consistent, real-time control over how that energy is routed within the grid. [101], Policy-based data sharing utilizes GPS-clock-synchronized-fine-grain power grid measurements to provide increased grid stability and reliability. [19] To motivate them to cut back use and perform what is called peak curtailment or peak leveling, prices of electricity are increased during high demand periods, and decreased during low demand periods. This will ensure more reliable supply of electricity, and reduced vulnerability to natural disasters or attack. OpenADR is an open-source smart grid communications standard used for demand response applications. [105], Electricity theft also represents a major challenge when providing reliable electrical service in developing countries. Easily integrate into your application to deliver filtering, grouping, aggregation, pivoting and much more with the performance that your users expect. Designed to allow real-time contact between utilities and meters in customers' homes and businesses, there is a risk that these capabilities could be exploited for criminal or even terrorist actions. Dual tariffs made possible the use of low-cost night-time electrical power in applications such as the maintaining of 'heat banks' which served to 'smooth out' the daily demand, and reduce the number of turbines that needed to be turned off overnight, thereby improving the utilisation and profitability of the generation and transmission facilities. its charging equipment for electric vehicles to the internet. It also gives utility companies the ability to reduce consumption by communicating to devices directly in order to prevent system overloads. Off-line storage, wind variability, supply, demand, pricing, and other factors can be modelled as a mathematical game. [citation needed] A smart grid may warn all individual television sets, or another larger customer, to reduce the load temporarily[19] (to allow time to start up a larger generator) or continuously (in the case of limited resources). The ADC is at chapter 28 of the reference manual. Introduction to Substation Earthing Grid In high and medium voltage Air Insulated Substations (AIS) the electromagnetic field, which causes are the static charges of bare cable and conductors and by the atmospheric conditions (surges), induce voltages at no-live parts of the installation that create potential differences between metallic parts and ground and also between different points … Our task-based approach is presented in view of a rigorous mathematically-based optimization formulation, where cost functions characterizing human performance measures are implemented. Demand response support allows generators and loads to interact in an automated fashion in real time, coordinating demand to flatten spikes. In a smart grid, the load reduction by even a small portion of the clients may eliminate the problem. It covers generation, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use. Because of this, a utility must typically identify several applications that will use the same communications infrastructure – for example, reading a meter, monitoring power quality, remote connection and disconnection of customers, enabling demand response, etc. The worldwide power loss including theft is estimated at approximately two-hundred billion dollars annually. In some areas, supply of electricity, especially at peak times, could not keep up with this demand, resulting in poor power quality including blackouts, power cuts, and brownouts. The increased efficiency and reliability of the smart grid is expected to save consumers money and help reduce CO2 emissions.[87]. [8] One of the key capabilities of this connectivity is the ability to remotely switch off power supplies, enabling utilities to quickly and easily cease or modify supplies to customers who default on payment. Growing need to digitalize the power sector driven by ageing electrical grid infrastructure will stimulate the global market size. The French utility company Engie did this by buying the service provider Ecova and OpTerra Energy Services.[49]. When businesses and consumers see a direct economic benefit of using energy at off-peak times, the theory is that they will include energy cost of operation into their consumer device and building construction decisions and hence become more energy efficient. Computer processes and personnel supervise, or monitor, the conditions and status of the power system using this acquired data. Electric power systems can be classified in multiple different ways: non-linear, dynamic, discrete, or random. with the virtual network being provided by the network simulator.[70]. [18] A smart grid aims to manage these situations.[8]. Devices such as industrial and domestic air conditioners, refrigerators and heaters adjusted their duty cycle to avoid activation during times the grid was suffering a peak condition. The utilities attempt to meet the demand and succeed or fail to varying degrees (brownouts, rolling blackout, uncontrolled blackout). With its large range of in-house developed products and vast experience as systems integrator, Alfen is building the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative. Identifies reliability constraints; and 3. This work has begun, and the first standards have already been selected for inclusion in NIST's Smart Grid catalog. [101], A similar solution has been constructed for constrained SCADA networks. This is dependent on weather conditions, type of day, random events, incidents, etc. IX § 17381. Some such measures include recoding of control system algorithms to make them more able to resist and recover from cyberattacks or preventive techniques that allow more efficient detection of unusual or unauthorized changes to data. was strong stakeholder consensus". ch. Only the critical loads will need to pay the peak energy prices, and consumers will be able to be more strategic in when they use energy. Smart technology that provides insights in the electricity grid Alfen started its grid automation offering (Alfen Connect) in 2008 with the connection of its charging equipment for electric vehicles to the internet. [11] Smart meters add continuous communications so that monitoring can be done in real time, and can be used as a gateway to demand response-aware devices and "smart sockets" in the home. The smart grid market in China is estimated to be $22.3 billion with a projected growth to $61.4 billion by 2015. Completed in 2005, the Telegestore project was highly unusual in the utility world because the company designed and manufactured their own meters, acted as their own system integrator, and developed their own system software. This means that each utility will take a different path to creating their smart grid and that different utilities will create smart grids at different adoption rates. An example of the last case would be given the type of day, whether its weekday or weekend, that wouldn't have much of an effect on Hospital grids, but it'd be a big factor in resident housing grids' load profile. Sensing and measurement: core duties are evaluating congestion and grid stability, monitoring equipment health, energy theft prevention. [108], The City of Mannheim in Germany is using realtime Broadband Powerline (BPL) communications in its Model City Mannheim "MoMa" project. [8] Power from photovoltaic cells (and to a lesser extent wind turbines) has also, significantly, called into question the imperative for large, centralised power stations. These are in addition to their primary functions of eliminating the need for human meter reading and measuring the time-of-use of electricity. Currently over 35.000 Alfen assets are connected to the Internet of Things. [13] Other countries are rapidly integrating this technology — China started having a comprehensive national WAMS when the past 5-year economic plan completed in 2012.[14]. A smart grid employs innovative products and services together with intelligent monitoring, control, communication, and self-healing technologies in order to: A common element to most definitions is the application of digital processing and communications to the power grid, making data flow and information management central to the smart grid. It is typically used to send information and signals to cause electrical power-using devices to be turned off during periods of higher demand. Reduction of maintenance and replacements costs will stimulate more advanced control. [101], Attestation for constrained smart meters faces a slightly different challenge, however. Springer, Cham. Early technological innovations [ edit ] These standards include IEC 61850 which is an architecture for substation automation, and IEC 61970/61968 – the Common Information Model (CIM). For industrial customers, the automation of substations also plays an important role. A technology competition identified this model regions to carry out research and development activities with the main objective to create an "Internet of Energy. Yu, P. Zhang, W. Xiao, and P. Choudhury, ". 0018602. IEC TC 57 has created a family of international standards that can be used as part of the smart grid. [140] If patents that cover standardized Smart Grid elements are not revealed until technology is broadly distributed throughout the network ("locked-in"), significant disruption could occur when patent holders seek to collect unanticipated rents from large segments of the market. Chapter 18 - SCADA and smart energy grid control automation K. Sayed and H.A. [52] An example of a utility changing business model to produce more renewable energy is the Norwegian-based company, Equinor, which was a state-owned oil company which now are heavily investing in renewable energy. EV charging hubs and vehicle-to-grid applications and the roll-out of improved service models. [8] It is thought that consumers and businesses will tend to consume less during high demand periods if it is possible for consumers and consumer devices to be aware of the high price premium for using electricity at peak periods. In the 1980s, automatic meter reading was used for monitoring loads from large customers, and evolved into the Advanced Metering Infrastructure of the 1990s, whose meters could store how electricity was used at different times of the day. There is also support for vehicle-to-grid.[22]. Continuous insights into the performance of transformers allow for improved service Springer Optimization and Its Applications, vol 131. ABB has the advanced technologies needed for successful grid integration for installations of all sizes both at the connection point and at the system level with our smart grid solutions for distribution grid automation, forecasting, load and demand planning, and energy storage. Because power and communications companies are generally separate commercial enterprises in North America and Europe, it has required considerable government and large-vendor effort to encourage various enterprises to cooperate. meter reading). Some factors that ANNs consider when developing these sort of models: classification of load profiles of different customer classes based on the consumption of electricity, increased responsiveness of demand to predict real time electricity prices as compared to conventional grids, the need to input past demand as different components, such as peak load, base load, valley load, average load, etc. There are two distinct audiences who use the UI Automation framework. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) attempt to solve the most difficult of these problems, the non-linear problems. [113][114], E-Energy - In the so-called E-Energy projects several German utilities are creating first nucleolus in six independent model regions. Common weaknesses already identified using such methods by the Department of Homeland Security include poor code quality, improper authentication, and weak firewall rules. [55], Modern Grid Initiative (MGI) is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), utilities, consumers, researchers, and other grid stakeholders to modernize and integrate the U.S. electrical grid. Large amounts of data are generated about grid loads, A utility task group within LonMark International deals with smart grid related issues. [46], DSO's can focus on creating good customer engagement strategies to create loyalty and trust towards the customer. All of these methods are, in one way or another, maximum entropy methods, which is an active area of research. A grid integration study is an analytical framework used to evaluate a power system with high penetration levels of variable renewable energy (RE). Power distribution operators are faced with ever-increasing efficiency and supply quality requirements. This is particularly true where governments run both sets of services as a public monopoly. One application of ANNs is in demand forecasting. Hello,In the API bellow there are series of functions which called SCANNING . The smart grid's backbone fiber-optic system was also used to provide the first gigabit-speed internet connection to residential customers in the US through the Fiber to the Home initiative, and now speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second are available to residents. [4] Policy in the United States is described in 42 U.S.C. However, this created a new problem: if the current flow or related effects across the network exceed the limits of any particular network element, it could fail, and the current would be shunted to other network elements, which eventually may fail also, causing a domino effect. [57], GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) was formed by the U.S. Department of Energy to promote and enable interoperability among the many entities that interact with the nation's electric power system. デジタル化とは、基本的に、コンピュータがそのような情報を保存、処理、および送信できるように、アナログ情報を取得してバイナリ形式にエンコードするプロセスのことです。 Gartnerは、デジタル化について非常に単純な定義を持っています。「デジタル化は、アナログからデジタルへの変化のプロセスです」。手書きまたはタイプライティングされたテキストをデジタル形式に変換したり、VHSテープからのLPまたはビデオからの音楽をmp3やmpegなどのデジタル形式に変換するなど、デジタル化の … California was ranked number one. [100] The Department of Energy has also identified both attack resistance and self-healing as major keys to ensuring that today's smart grid is future-proof. LIFE Factory Microgrid (LIFE13 ENV / ES / 000700) is a demonstrative project that is part of the LIFE+ 2013 program (European Commission), whose main objective is to demonstrate, through the implementation of a full-scale industrial smartgrid that microgrids can become one of the most suitable solutions for energy generation and management in factories that want to minimize their environmental impact. Smart Grid for Distribution Systems i Smart Grid for Distribution Systems: The Benefits and Challenges of Distribution Automation (DA) (Draft Version 2) White Paper for NIST 1. insights at different nodes within the electricity grid is a precondition for many Most opposition and concerns have centered on smart meters and the items (such as remote control, remote disconnect, and variable rate pricing) enabled by them. Metering of electricity consumption was necessary on a per-user basis in order to allow appropriate billing according to the (highly variable) level of consumption of different users. ", "WAMS Implementation in China and the Challenges for Bulk Power System Protection", State Estimation in Electric Power Grids: Meeting New Challenges Presented by the Requirements of the Future Grid, "Power outages: What you need to know about the different types". Since then Alfen Connect has The Roadmap outlines the key issues and challenges for modernizing the grid and suggests paths that government and industry can take to build America's future electric delivery system. The Telegestore project is widely regarded as the first commercial scale use of smart grid technology to the home, and delivers annual savings of 500 million euro at a project cost of 2.1 billion euro.[12]. In the Netherlands a large-scale project (>5000 connections, >20 partners) was initiated to demonstrate integrated smart grids technologies, services and business cases.[118]. Working with the GridWise Alliance, the program invests in communications architecture and standards; simulation and analysis tools; smart technologies; test beds and demonstration projects; and new regulatory, institutional, and market frameworks. Specific points of opposition or concern include: While modernization of electrical grids into smart grids allows for optimization of everyday processes, a smart grid, being online, can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Power stations were located strategically to be close to fossil fuel reserves (either the mines or wells themselves, or else close to rail, road or port supply lines). Automatic supervision of interlocks Demand response can be provided by commercial, residential loads, and industrial loads. Grid Edge Solutions High Voltage Switchgear & Breakers HVDC Instrument transformers SCADA and Control Systems Semiconductors Substation Automation, Protection & Control Substations Surge arresters Transformers From 1970s to the 1990s, growing demand led to increasing numbers of power stations. Markov processes have been used to model and study this type of system.[76]. Rapid fluctuations in distributed generation, such as due to cloudy or gusty weather, present significant challenges to power engineers who need to ensure stable power levels through varying the output of the more controllable generators such as gas turbines and hydroelectric generators. Numerous contributions to overall improvement of the efficiency of energy infrastructure are anticipated from the deployment of smart grid technology, in particular including demand-side management, for example turning off air conditioners during short-term spikes in electricity price, reducing the voltage when possible on distribution lines through Voltage/VAR Optimization (VVO), eliminating truck-rolls for meter reading, and reducing truck-rolls by improved outage management using data from Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems. [123][124][125], The OpenADR standard was demonstrated in Bracknell, England, where peak use in commercial buildings was reduced by 45 percent. : Cleantech News and Analysis «, Utility Perspective: Why Partner With Google PowerMeter? The other top states were Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Oregon, Arizona, the District of Columbia, New York, Nevada and Delaware. [88] There is also concern on the security of the infrastructure, primarily that involving communications technology. One of the biggest issues with attestation for constrained smart meters is that in order to prevent energy theft, and similar attacks, cyber security providers have to make sure that the devices’ software is authentic. Another concern is that the cost of telecommunications to fully support smart grids may be prohibitive. [127][128] The Department of Energy awarded an $11.4 million grant to Honeywell to implement the program using the OpenADR standard. In January 2016, EPB became the first major power distribution system to earn Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) certification.[119][120][121][122]. [66][67] The goal is to keep the system in balance, or to maintain phase synchronization (also known as phase locking). [41][42] Technology companies are disrupting the traditional energy market players in several ways. By the late 1960s, the electricity grid reached the overwhelming majority of the population of developed countries, with only outlying regional areas remaining 'off-grid'. Dynamic game-theoretic frameworks have proved particularly efficient at storage scheduling by optimizing energy cost using their Nash equilibrium.[20][21]. [1][2] Electronic power conditioning and control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of the smart grid.[3]. Distributed power flow control: power flow control devices clamp onto existing transmission lines to control the flow of power within. Are We Prepared to Manage the Aftermath of a Cyber-Attack or Other Failure of the Electrical Grid? Finally, fossil fuel-fired power stations were initially very polluting and were sited as far as economically possible from population centres once electricity distribution networks permitted it. Much of the work that has been going on in electric grid modernization, especially substation and distribution automation, is now included in the general concept of the smart grid. Typically, storing energy during off-peak times eases high demand supply during peak hours. Where opposition to smart meters is encountered, they are often marketed as "smart grid" which connects smart grid to smart meters in the eyes of opponents. [48], Instead of trying to compete against IT companies in their expertise, both utilities and DSO's can try to create alliances with IT companies to create good solutions together. In 2009, the US smart grid industry was valued at about $21.4 billion – by 2014, it will exceed at least $42.8 billion. Introduction 1.1 Scope This White Paper, “Smart Substation Automation System (SAS) provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation control and monitoring solution. Increasingly, electricity was depended on for industry, heating, communication, lighting, and entertainment, and consumers demanded ever higher levels of reliability. Various capabilities result from the deeply integrated use of digital technology with power grids. The GWAC provides industry guidance and tools to articulate the goal of interoperability across the electric system, identify the concepts and architectures needed to make interoperability possible, and develop actionable steps to facilitate the inter operation of the systems, devices, and institutions that encompass the nation's electric system. Since then Alfen Connect has been expanded to remotely monitor and control substations and energy storage systems. Currently, power grid systems have varying degrees of communication within control systems for their high-value assets, such as in generating plants, transmission lines, substations and major energy users. Roll-out of smart grid technology also implies a fundamental re-engineering of the electricity services industry, although typical usage of the term is focused on the technical infrastructure.[5]. "Subcommittee Hearing on "Blackout! It involves about 60,000 metered customers, and contains many key functions of the future smart grid. Hawaii has a goal to obtain 70 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030. The CIM provides for common semantics to be used for turning data into information. These new solutions pave the way of new entrants that were traditionally not related to the energy grid. Tomoiagă, B.; Chindriş, M.; Sumper, A.; Sudria-Andreu, A.; Villafafila-Robles, R. Energy Future Coalition, "Challenge and Opportunity: Charting a New Energy Future," Appendix A: Working Group Reports, Report of the Smart Grid Working Group. [82] In 2015, the World Economic Forum reported a transformational investment of more than $7.6 trillion by members of the OECD is needed over the next 25 years (or $300 billion per year) to modernize, expand, and decentralize the electricity infrastructure with technical innovation as key to the transformation. It does this through synchro-phasor requirements that are gathered by PMUs. It has also reduced the need for "truck rolls" to scout and troubleshoot faults, resulting in an estimated reduction of 630,000 truck driving miles, and 4.7 million pounds of carbon emissions. instead of joining them into a single input, and lastly, the dependence of the type on specific input variables. Grid metering systems are installed at substations to measure the quantity of power supplied by generation companies. [68] These creatures streamline or intensify communication in case of an unusual situation. levels, and real-time monitoring. (8) Provision to consumers of timely information and control options. The smart grid is estimated to have reduced power outages by an average of 60%, saving the city about 60 million dollars annually. This program consisted of Investment Grants (matching), Demonstration Projects, Consumer Acceptance Studies, and Workforce Education Programs. Although the total load is the sum of many individual choices of the clients, the overall load is not necessarily stable or slow varying. Initial power lines in the grid were built using a radial model, later connectivity was guaranteed via multiple routes, referred to as a network structure. The GWAC members are a balanced and respected team representing the many constituencies of the electricity supply chain and users. A smart grid is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operation and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources. This process is necessary to support major systems such as demand-response wide-area measurement and control, storage and transportation of electricity, and the automation of electric distribution.[104]. Version 23 is out now. Other solutions include utilizing transmission substations, constrained SCADA networks, policy based data sharing, and attestation for constrained smart meters. A smart grid is an electricity network based on digital technology that is used to supply … [95] Additionally, infrastructure which relies on the electric grid, including wastewater treatment facilities, the information technology sector, and communications systems could be impacted. Operators and engineers monitor the information remotely on computer displays and graphical wall displays or locally, at the device, on front-panel displays and laptop computers. Once this step is completed, some suggest that it makes sense to then complete an analysis of the potential consequences of the aforementioned failures or shortcomings. According to IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine, the smart grid will require that people develop and use large computer and communication infrastructure that supports a greater degree of situational awareness and that allows for more specific command and control operations. ag-Grid is feature rich datagrid designed for the major JavaScript Frameworks. US Dept. This project to install an intelligent energy grid places Portugal and EDP at the cutting edge of technological innovation and service provision in Europe., Why the Smart Grid Won't Have the Innovations of the Internet Any Time Soon: Cleantech News and Analysis «, Cisco's Latest Consumer Play: The Smart Grid: Cleantech News and Analysis «, Silver Spring Networks: The Cisco of Smart Grid? The European Union Commission Task Force for Smart Grids also provides smart grid definition[10] as: "A Smart Grid is an electricity network that can cost efficiently integrate the behaviour and actions of all users connected to it – generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to ensure economically efficient, sustainable power system with low losses and high levels of quality and security of supply and safety. An example is competition with cable and DSL Internet providers from broadband over powerline internet access. Although multiple routes are touted as a feature of the smart grid, the old grid also featured multiple routes. The topology of the 1960s grid was a result of the strong economies of scale: large coal-, gas- and oil-fired power stations in the 1 GW (1000 MW) to 3 GW scale are still found to be cost-effective, due to efficiency-boosting features that can be cost effective only when the stations become very large. While the AC power control standards suggest powerline networking would be the primary means of communication among smart grid and home devices, the bits may not reach the home via Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) initially but by fixed wireless. automation definition: 1. the use of machines and computers that can operate without needing human control: 2. the use of…. In view of the significant quantities of power involved, grid meters need to be highly accurate and secure to prevent financial loss to power suppliers. Pareto Optimal Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems Using a Genetic Algorithm Based on NSGA-II.

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