how to dispose of cooking oil in germany

We never got rid of it because…well, because of everything mentioned in this post. I don’t think it’s possible to ever know exactly where every possible piece of trash goes. I have a question , where do I get the yellow bags from ? Plus certain things differ from one region to another. But if you’re not buying plastic bags anymore, the only other thing I can think of trying is a paper bag. I actually find this process hilarious and entertaining. Plus apparently some of the rules vary depending on what part of the country you live in. I’m not sure about that one, but since it has gas residue on it, I would start with the closest trash/recycling center near you. I sort of thought I had this down! (Seriously, can we take a moment to enjoy the rancid-smelling splendor that is city-wide […], Randy Barlow The black trash can is the “other” trash, so not food, although if you do put some food in there, it’s not a big deal. March 23, 2014 @ I too live in Germany and wondered if I was the only American that thought this garbage puzzle was created to cause chaos amongst the people. Some recycling centres accept domestic cooking oils. Andrea February 27, 2013 @ I imagine I’ll still question things years from now! 5 instances of reverse culture shock from my trip back to the US | live . February 28, 2017 @ What does one do with the whole pile of paper boxes after relocation. Sounds like Italy, except there is not a nice manual to explain it all. cooking oil - Germany. Thank you! When my husband and I bought our new mattresses, it was for an additional bedroom, so we weren’t getting rid of the old one. 2:56 PM. ETC, THANKS. I understand paper/ cardboard can just be thrown in, but nasty food clippings. Now, name a container that's on the aproved-for-disposal list which you can put oil in and close. Because we’re bad people. January 23, 2019 @ Glad to give you the foreigner’s perspective on German garbage sorting. Same goes for coke bottles, but not for wine bottles, those need to go with the glass. There’s actually a big sign down the street from us at another apartment building in 7 or 8 different languages telling people what trash goes in which garbage can! Ha! 5:58 PM. When we lived in Freiburg, the town sent out a magazine each year detailing what things went in which trash category. It must be working. We live in Berlin now, and I’m finding that even from one apartment complex to another, there are different rules. And then I laughed at myself. Domestic cooking oil can be correctly disposed of in the "normal" garbage. This type of garbage is called Sperrmüll and requires a pick-up appointment. Used books, dishes you no longer want, kids’ toys, just about anything that some scavenger might find useful. I do appreciate how much Germany does for the environment, although I know I will probably never know how to throw out garbage here with 100% accuracy. Thanks JR! March 10, 2013 @ How To Dispose of Cooking Oil. March 2, 2013 @ January 23, 2019 @ Other glass – Notice I didn’t mention wine bottles up there. I do like the orange garbage bins in Berlin! Ali So Andy found out the gypsum needed to be taken to the recycling place, which is a solid 15 minute walk from the closest tram stop and only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But it doesn’t take long to realize, that’s just WRONG. This place (Germany) still slays me with the trash collection and separation process. February 25, 2013 @ 4:09 PM. By learning how to dispose of cooking fats—from vegetable oil to animal grease—properly. Linda Your post on garbage separation was very interesting and a bit “unmasking” for me as a German. If you happen to be out there when they come by, they might even ask if you have specific things like old TVs. Crystal Ow and if we by beer bottles in ‘containers’ or boxes, we also get some money back if we return the emptry glass bottles. | wert and art, The Environmental World Leader | Deakin SciCom 2014, When throwing out the garbage is a scary task - Dasher Life, 5 instances of reverse culture shock from my trip back to the US | live . Throw it in the black. Our garbage is either every week or every other week depending on what it is, I’m glad we don’t also have any once a month things. 2:37 PM. The bio bags do help, just remember that they are biodegradable themselves, so try not to put really liquidy things in it, and don’t let it sit too long before you take it out to the bin. Include RaquelNyema International Company, Bressmer & Francke (GmbH & Co) KG . Ryan from Jets Like Taxis Fotini (Berlin does not do this.) August 18, 2015 @ Probably less confusing if you grow up with it though. It took me a while to figure out how to separate my recycling, when they would pick up what and where to keep all these different bags in my tiny apt! marsia Ali Most of these items seem like they go in other categories. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions! I have a neighbor that collects trash (works on the back of a truck) and he took me to where the garbage is brought one day, just to show me. should i throw in yellow bag or no???? December 7, 2014 @ 8:23 PM. Can you tell me a little bit about them? 3:53 PM. August 6, 2013 @ I noticed this in Germany and it was overwhelming! what about out of date pancake syrup? May 31, 2016 @ 9:27 AM. When the container is full (and the oil has cooled down) you can put the lid on (tightly, it mustn't leak) and put it in the trash ("Restmüll"), or take it to your nearest Recycling-Center if it accepts cooking oil. In any case, I hope it will be useful to you in a way or another. In Freiburg we had yellow bags, but in Berlin, we have several yellow garbage cans for our whole apartment complex. 10:35 PM. I cant help wondering whether the bins themselves are even recyclable. 4) Other items: a black garbage can – This is the only garbage can we actually pay for. And can I use my Hefty trash bags in any of these below? I have a 5 liter container of gasoline at my home. March 30, 2018 @ Try not to worry about it too much. Ali Mostly it depends on if you have your own personal black trash can or if your building uses a communal one. Hi, i found your article really helpful. Preparing meals with cooking oil, especially something that has a lot fat like pork or turkey that requires grease, will result in a vast amount of cooking oil leftover. That sounds exactly like our system of throwing out garbage in Germany! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I think the recycle places then sort it more, either that or it all goes into landfill. Thanks Isabelle, glad I could make you laugh! Cooking oil is not good for your compost pile so don’t be tempted to throw it in there with your other food waste. I hope that helps! I’m definitely learning that every city handles trash a little bit differently. IS THERE AN AVAILABLE SOMEWHERE OR ONLINE AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF ITEMS AND WHERE EACH ONE GOES, LIKE: I know for a fact that organic food waste can be processed and the methane generated used to put electricity into the power grid. Just empty it into a bag of SaveSorb and spread it out in your garden or mulch to let it bioremediate. These things ‘in many cases’ won’t take care for themselves and are bad for environment and so for us. Ali Now that we’re in Berlin, there are big yellow dumpsters for our building. Telephone +49-152-53843865 Address Danckelmann Str.57, 14059 Berlin And it’s funny because I CAN imagine it! Some people even run their diesel engines on straight vegetable oil. It is very confusing, and even after 2 years I still get stumped sometimes. The information you provided did clear some things up! I’m new here and i don’t know where to trought out my clothes and my dead batterie. If the oil has only been used once chances are you can save the leftover cooking oil to use again. Refuelling at Aldi is cheaper than using the gas station. Anything useful went in the foyer or on the street. This statistic shows data on the development of total consumption of cooking oil in Germany from 2007 to 2016. I had a feeling that’s what many people do, just throw a lot of their trash in the Restmull. Ali I hope the recycle places do sort out the plastic that can be recycled from the ones that can’t. Utilizing bags keeps bins clean and saves on water required to scrub them from spills and stickiness. Ali March 2, 2017 @ Also, don’t even think about walking down the street to dispose of your glass on Sundays or after the posted hours. If your old clothes are still wearable, you can donate them. March 18, 2014 @ Pour it into a glass container like an old jamjar. I think most people love free shit, but I think in Germany, the love of “free” has combined with the confusion of how to get rid of certain things, and you have a perfect storm where piles on the sidewalk are a normal part of life. 11:55 AM. 11:28 AM. Cooks at home have a number of options for throwing away their used oil. Maybe this is a sign I’ve been here awhile, but my first thought when I read your comment was, WAIT, where do you put the garbage that we put in the yellow bag?? Powered by WordPress •. We often use leftover paper shopping bags or a box to collect it in the apartment and then dump the whole thing. We have those biodegradable bags too, although they’re not mandatory, so people who don’t want to buy the bags just put their food waste straight into the garbage can. I don’t remember this from my visit, but then I’m sure my German host took care of everything for me. – electronic garbage The food waste even has to be disposed of in certain biodegradable bags. Thank’s for posting and for sharing your very informative blog! To dispose of cooking oil, start by letting it cool completely. 2:41 PM, […] incredible recycling programs. 9:48 AM. Ali … I am just now learning how to do the trash here in Germany. BOOK-BLUE BIN They are orange, so people notice them better (in other cities they are green or grey). List of Cooking Oil Companies in Germany . Thanks Sash! Batteries – Dead batteries go in a box next to the machine that collects the bottles. As for cooking oil, we don’t really use a lot, just a few drops in a pan, so when we’re done cooking there really isn’t any to dispose of. No, don’t put your pizza box or any other paper in a plastic bag. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; You made me laugh! And since the bags were transparent, neighbors would check to see if the foreigner had done it right! Just put it in the garbage can, right? I actually got so used to have a trash bin maximum 100m away wherever I go, that I now always complain that I need to carry my trash all the way to the next shopping mall etc. Add a bit of warm water. I’m having a hard time finding these biodegradable bags for the biological waste (I’ve also read they are not as bio as they make you think, so pff!!). March 2, 2013 @ I am still laughing today.Thanks god for our recycling, Ali EMMA PINEDA A horrible thought I know. Germany and Ausria are the two top recycle countries in the world. I do like that there’s a big emphasis on recycling, and it is very odd to be in other countries and throw everything into one bin. 2:05 PM. No, not the yellow bag. You could also add about 2-3 tablespoons of detergent to each cup of oil/fat and mix well. Ali Thanks for the detailed post. His answer? We usually put a normal plastic bag in the can, then line that with the bio-degradable bag. That crap sat on our balcony for about five months because it’s complicated to get rid of it. Thanks, glad to help! I had to be really careful since some type of recycling was picked up only once a month, you don’t want to miss it! One time when we did this, a guy took our old TV, a microwave someone left near our building, and a bag of old water meters from when we had the pipes replaced. 11:11 AM. These oils can be cleaned and used in animal feeds, or in fuel for adapted cars. Glass jars like from pasta sauce or pickles or wine go in the glass recycling, and there’s usually a receptacle in your neighborhood where you sort clear/brown/green glass. Can I put the residual waste in a plastic bag before I put it in the black trashcan in order to protect the trashcan? 3:51 PM, Matthew Cheyne January 6, 2019 @ Although maybe it’s a sign that their trash categories are too difficult to decipher, so they have to redo it anyway. Every city has different rules about trash, so maybe Berlin has something different than we do here in Freiburg. Ha! I’m not sure where the Gorilla trunks would go, but you can try either 1) simply putting them out on the sidewalk to see if a passerby is interested, 2) putting them in your black trash can and see if the trash collectors will take them, or 3) find the nearest trash center. 6:06 PM. For the food/bio trash can, they sell biodegradable bags you can use and those are ok to put in the bio trash can. And you stop worrying about it if you don’t know where some piece of garbage goes. I hope that helps! Recycling in Germany also means observing quiet hours. One is taking it to a local restaurant. Yes you can put garbage in a plastic bag before putting it in the black trash can. Small amounts - small deep fryers - salad dressings: 1 … Finally, if you fancy yourself the amateur scientist or are just a hobbyist, you could turn it into soap. Glad to make you laugh, Eleonora! Ali So– what specific color and type of bag can I utilize in each bin? So instead, all kinds of items are simply put out on the sidewalks. It is really complicated here, but I’m glad they’re trying to do so much for the environment. 8:38 PM, […] huge thanks goes to Ali who helped explain a lot of the above with this post, and to all the bloggers who blogged about Germany and their crazy recycling habits to scare me […], Brent Not so here. Because really, if you’re enjoying a couple beers in the park, do you really want to carry a couple of 8 cent bottles home with you? Recycling – There’s a recycling place where you can take your dangerous items, old clothes, wood, corks, and who knows what else. Depending on what it is, many people will simply put stuff they don’t want anymore on the side of the road without making one of these appointments. Ali It could save your life someday. – paper and carton (same rule about the envelope with the see-through bit!) It’s OK to be Overwhelmed. September 19, 2014 @ When I visit in the USA and see family and frends just dump it all togther it feels weird after all these years of German recycle. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Here in China, no recycling. If it’s what I talk about as the yellow bag, it’s for milk or orange juice containers, shampoo bottles, and other plastic and packaging stuff like that. I think I’d need to print a cheat sheet and have it posted somewhere in the kitchen! April 12, 2014 @ I’d say if you’re scraping a few crumbs off your plate, don’t worry about putting it in the black, but if you’re throwing away a pile of chicken bones or something, stick to the brown/bio trash. As for cooking oil, we don’t really use a lot, just a few drops in a pan, so when we’re done cooking there really isn’t any to dispose of. Separate glass and plastics and maybe your compost-y stuff, and you’re good to go. 9:29 PM. I guess I will have to look for these bio bags because I’ve always used plastic garbage bags and now I know that’s a no no! This is explained partly by Germany's relatively northern location. So I asked why we separate everything if they are just going to mix it all up at the recycle center. – batteries I live in a block of four units and we barely have enough space on the nature strip to put the bins we do have now. You did a great job explaining the recycling procedures. April 22, 2014 @ It reminded me of when I lived in Japan. Black. Amr Mina Lam March 27, 2015 @ Yeah, the trash rules are so confusing. Hi Frances! Thanks Teresa! I don’t understand why anyone would want your mattress after it got rained on though! Ali Thanks for the info. It’ s true that even many locals are still quite unsure about all the sorting. 8:38 PM, […] Three months later, this is still almost a daily question that Derek and I ask each other, and while it’s mostly in jest now, it highlights a confusing element of life in Germany. 11:12 AM. Our system in Norway is exactly the same except for the yellow bag – and how we need a yellow bag! I normally use things like pizza boxes or other paper/cardboard containers to collect the other paper to make it easier to take it to the trash. One is taking it to a local restaurant. It’ll become second nature, and you’ll stop worrying about the items you can’t figure out. If you put something in the wrong place and the garbage collectors see it, they will leave your trash there along with a note. Any place with a deep fat fryer will have a collection drum and many will let you dump yours in. Haha! He hauled the heavy bag over there on a Saturday, only to have them tell him that specific bag of crap could only be accepted on Wednesdays. How do you keep the bio food from not getting so nasty moldy or smelly. And of course, we took our bottles back. My wife usually takes the discarded/used oil (once completely cooled down) and uses a funnel to put it into the original plastic oil container. 3:45 PM, Weekends are for laundry - Grounded Traveler Add a bit of warm water. laugh . Even our old mattress that sat out in the rain for a day was taken upstairs by our neighbor. It’s great that there’s so much care for environment. Spartacusjr May 21, 2015 @ 2) Paper: sometimes a green bin, sometimes blue – This is clearly for paper products. February 26, 2013 @ March 1, 2013 @ This is one science which is still evolving. Kind of funny to think of my post being used as a reference for someone’s apartment building! When it’s trash day, you will see a rainbow of garbage cans and trash bags lining the streets waiting for the appropriate garbage collectors to retrieve their specific pile of trash. I’m trying to get rid of old Gorilla trunks, and an old computer laptop. 5:38 PM. Hi Anne, no worries! Who knows. Hey Ali, We just received. I am presently at Freiberg and want to know specifically how to dispose used sanitary napkins here. Hehehe. We have lived in Germany for 25 years and we continue to be confused at the ever changing recycle requirements. Garbage is complicated business in Germany. A friend of mine from Spain told me her mother came to visit once, and she didn’t realize her mother had put the wrong trash in the yellow bag, and the garbage collectors refused to take the bag and left a scolding note! December 6, 2016 @ June 26, 2020 @ See and search for "Speiseöl". 10:04 PM. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks for the helpful and entertaining post, I chuckled a couple of times. I thought maybe there would be a long winded 17 step process to it, as is the case with everything German/Germany but this seemed pretty simple to me. The costs for garbage collection come out of property owner’s council rates which they pay either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Got an old sock with a hole in it? We’ve lived her for 3 years now. February 25, 2013 @ March 1, 2013 @ It's easy! Once there are no more fat globules the stuff can go down the drain. Probably worth asking the mattress stores when you start looking for a new one. I’m not into lining the bins with newspaper, and not using anything is a bit hard to deal with too. March 28, 2015 @ Try doing it without a dryer. BY country . Sorry— this system gives me migraines. That’s the black garbage can here, the one you pay for. I know they make a big deal out of these things here. 3:50 PM. There are always little oddities of what goes where and the annoying bit of taking out the bio before it goes smelly. When throwing out the garbage is a scary task - Dasher Life Honestly, I don’t know. You’d think trash sorting would be a fairly straightforward process, right? But not used tissues. Anne Ask around in your building, there’s likely to be someone who can help, or maybe your landlord has something in writing that explains it. Ali Once filtered be sure to store this oil in an airtight vessel in a dark place. May 10, 2014 @ February 26, 2013 @ If you don't have a full trash bag, put the oil in the freezer until it hardens. Ha! Locate the companies on a map. Place in your Green Bin for curbside collection. But I recently learned you’re also supposed to put your napkins in there too. If there are too many confusing categories of garbage, it’s easy to put something in the wrong place, and they who knows if it gets recycled properly. Being a renter I’ve never paid council rates in my life. The boxes go in the paper garbage container, but if you have too many to fit in there, you might have to just put a few out at a time. Thanks Marsia, glad to help! 6:31 PM. If your community has curbside collection for food scraps, small amounts of used cooking oil can be soaked up in used paper towels or newspaper and then added to your curbside organics bin. Thanks Nancy! 11:03 AM. and the other trash can was for anything that doesn’t get recycled. leipzig Here are some tips on how best to reuse or dispose of your used cooking oil. Could you tell me which brand you buy and where I can get them? I already purchased 2 large garbage bins (American made) to keep up with the trash we have. 6:37 PM. As for the laptop, I know in Freiburg we had a bin, like the clothing donation bin, that took old electronics, but if you don’t have one of those, you might need to call your local trash center and ask where they take electronics. – plastic bottles and drink package thingies Ali This would make a great board game for someone to invent. Your blog has helped me so much. 9:03 AM, In Belgium it also depends a bit on where you live, but in general we have to split up: August 14, 2015 @ The German system is complicated, but I’m glad there’s recycling here. They don’t have a Pfand. But the bottle people often come around with giant bags or even grocery carts and collect hundreds of bottles at least. 3:42 AM, Ali August 14, 2015 @ Ali So I thought I’d share a summary of how to throw out your garbage in Germany. I’m sorry to make you nervous Jan! And you can use your Hefty bags for those. February 26, 2013 @ I’m still quite confused with a few things like cotton swabs, sanitary napkins or handkerchiefs. February 27, 2013 @ amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; If you use the oil for foods like vegetables or potatoes, the oil can be used again several times. You can buy the bags at the grocery store. ASH-BLACK BIN The fedex guys don’t seem to have a service to take it back as they are a courier company? Laundry seem annoying at home? Three bins for me is enough. Germany is a very environmentally conscious country. Ali I’m pretty sure they also have recycling and/or trash centers that would take your old gasoline, but that does sound easier than finding the center, figuring out what their limited opening hours are, and trekking out there. The city sends us a calendar with the trash magazine so we can keep track and figure out when the dates move because of a holiday. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Many people think that all sorts of plastics go into the yellow sack or yellow bin. Otherwise it seems like such a waste of time for everyone! Expired medications also go in here. Save money on bags and bins. But ask one of your neighbors because rules vary from region to region. This is the case in Germany, where the amount of used cooking oil that can be collected from households is estimated to be over 100,000 t per year. Just thought I’d share, of course your community may be different thus your mileage may vary…. Simple. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; September 19, 2014 @ Ali 9:15 PM. That yellow bag can be confusing. garden based organic waste. Many countries are producing huge garbage piles and don’t know how to properly recycle. | wert and art That’s disgusting and breeds critters and smells. I would reather pay someone to organize my trash. Maybe save some for a future move or for storage? Once it's cool, pour it into a full trash bag so the scraps absorb some of the oil. This gave me a chuckle! My guess there is the black can, but you might want to ask a neighbor about that too. If you want to get rid of the oil, let the oil cool completely, then pour it into a nonrecyclable container with a lid and throw it in the garbage. The Environmental World Leader | Deakin SciCom 2014 Those tissues I thought should go in the bio actually go in this one. Rapeseed I would use to fry an egg for example as it has pretty much a neutral taste and Olive Oil is a general purpose oil, especially good for marinating anything for grilling with the exception of indian food I and naturally for salad dressings. Simply strain the oil through a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove any particles and crumbs. Hi Eden! Your English is great! February 26, 2013 @ I do love how much they’re trying to do for the environment by doing all this trash sorting, but I sometimes think there are too many rules/categories. Maybe try paper bags? But for your sake, I hope Australia doesn’t start making garbage sorting as complicated as it is here! February 15, 2015 @ 8:35 AM, […] (which are placed in a box near the glass disposal bin where the refunds are received) and even Christmas trees which are collected on one specific day in […], Brent How to dispose of domestic cooking oil at home. Such a shame! 1:35 PM. Thank you again!! Especially when you dont have one of those tubes that lets the oil flow out of the bottom. February 25, 2013 @ It’s where I used to put my napkins, because they’re paper products. They still end up in there about half the time now. My German book also had a section about trash sorting. leipzig. Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importer. The black can is supposed to be for “other” trash, but there are so many conflicting ideas about what goes in there, it makes my head hurt. One of my earliest lessons was coming home to find my German flatmate with a milk carton in her hand which I’d stupidly put in the cardboard bin. 5:15 PM. There’s no winning with the rules of garbage in Germany. Thank you so much for posting this!! In the US, I asked a pharmacist and he said if there is no disposal facility in your area, you must mix them with coffee grounds or something of that sort. Or like I did, without a washer for 3 […], Sofie 10:01 PM. Ali I’m sure going from places that recycle to someplace like China that doesn’t is an adjustment! 1:12 PM. CARDBOARD-BLUE BIN 3:50 PM. Except boxes. Interesting! February 26, 2013 @ It’s old and can’t be used anymore. It looks like you have six plus a collection for Christmas Trees and other stuff. Subscribe to our Stripes Europe newsletter and receive amazing travel stories, great event info, helpful PCS tips, interesting lifestyle articles and more directly in your inbox! Hate to be a cynic, but some people are making a great deal of money out of manufacturing and selling these ridiculous numbers of bins, plus the huge specialised trucks needed to empty them, and maybe local officials who order them may get some reward sometimes? For anyone out there that may have wondered what to do with old lawnmower fuel at the end of the season.

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